MALKIN: Whos Funding the Wicked War on ICE? Open Borders Inc.

San Antonio attack on ICE Office comes one month after Antifa ambushed Tacoma WA ICE Facility

By Michelle Malkin


WASHINGTON D.C. (Texas Insider Report) An alarming shooting took place Tuesday at a U.S. Immigration & Customs Enforcement offices in San Antonio. Local media reported that multiple shots were fired on two floors targeting ICE Officials. But the 2nd Amendment saboteurs were AWOL.

Hello? Hello? Anybody home? All the gun control zealots out in full force last week have apparently gone to the beach.

The San Antonio attack comes just one month after an Antifa extremist ambushed an ICE Detention Facility in Tacoma Washington armed with a rifle and incendiary devices.

The vengeful Antifa gunman had assaulted a police officer last year at the same location received a wrist slap and then published a manifesto that declared:

I strongly encourage comrades and incoming comrades to arm themselves.

Federal government workers are under literal fire for enforcing our immigration laws and protecting America but:

  • The left-wing Moms Demand Action ignored these attacks.
  • So did the anti-gun Brady Campaign agitators.
  • And the usual stampede of camera-hogging Democrat presidential candidates thirsting to blame hate speech for inducing violence lost their thirst for the spotlight. 

With few exceptions Beltway Republicans also lost their tongues when they should be relentlessly smashing the open borders wall of silence about this escalating anti-ICE terror campaign.

The Tacoma terrorist had also invoked the incendiary ICE-bashing rhetoric of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Her diatribes on ICE Centers as Concentration Camps were in turn borrowed from and amplified by rent-a-mobsters who demonized Homeland Security employees at a string of summer demonstrations against ICE facilities the over past two years from the lawless hellhole of Portland to the D.C. Swamp to the Big Apple criminal sanctuary to my adopted home state of Colorado where the American flag was ripped from its post and replaced with the Mexican flag by still-unidentified vandals on the loose.


The same hysterical demagogues are silent about the climate of hate wrought by:

  • The New York Times op-ed pages brazen call to target ICE and Border Patrol agents and their families.
  • WikiLeaks ICE Patrol personal information and location database targeting more than 9000 ICE employees from auditors to young research assistants and interns electricians IT analysts field intelligence officers translators anti-terrorism experts and detention and deportation agents.
  • Twitters publication of bloody hate speech by Antifa and Abolish ICE thugs including Occupy Wall Streets graphic cartoon advising followers on how to stab an ICE agent in the chest and pull out his still beating heart.
  • (As a reminder Occupy Wall Street was endorsed by prominent Democrats Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama.)

Whos funding the wicked war on ICE? For starters:

  1. Open Borders billionaire George Soros Open Society Foundations
  2. His son Alexs Jewish social justice nonprofit Bend the Arc
  3. Soros-backed CREDO Action and
  4. the Soros-funded Center for Popular Democracy
  5. United We Dream and
  6. Make the Road New York have all subsidized and stoked hatred of ICE & the Border Patrol

This is not anti-Semitism white nationalism or white supremacy. Its fact.


And its not a conspiracy theory that Soros money has fueled dangerous immigration anarchy. Its conspiracy truth.

Even more shocking is how much of the toxic propaganda undermining the men and women on our Homeland Security frontlines is being underwritten by unsuspecting taxpayers churchgoers and consumers.

In the coming weeks I will be exposing the global financiers and government programs promoting the campaign to:

  • Melt ICE
  • Turn the Border Patrol into the Diaper Patrol
  • Open the floodgates to every last unvetted Muslim refugee and unassimilated low-wage Central American laborer and
  • Erase the America my legal immigrant parents taught me to cherish

Ive compiled nearly 500 pages and 12 appendices and maps tracing tens of billions of dollars spent or received by 400 nonprofits religious charities legal organizations political lobbying groups businesses and government contractors backed up by 1600-plus footnotes to educate my fellow citizens. My seventh book Open Borders Inc.: Whos Funding Americas Destruction will be released on Sept. 10 2019.

Border security and restored sovereignty start with defunding the funders of Americas destruction and then prosecuting them as criminal open borders racketeers.

Follow the money; find the truth.


Michelle Malkin is author of the upcoming book Open Borders Inc.: Whos Funding Americas Destruction available now for preorder at

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