McCAUL: As I Continue the Fight for Gold Star Families, Biden Admin Denies Help

To maintain U.S. Leadership over our adversaries in technology, including Artificial Intelligence (AI), we must unleash American innovation

Texas Insider Report: WASHINGTON, D.C. –For more than three months, I have been asking the State Department to provide documents relating to the Biden administration's chaotic and deadly Afghanistan withdrawal. And for months, the State Department has refused to comply. They have gone so far as to ignore a legally issued subpoena - for the second time.
This is not acceptable. That’s why I’ve demanded the State Department produce those employees responsible for producing these documents to be questioned by my staff.

And I’ve set a hard deadline of Wednesday, August 16th for them to get these documents to me. 

Our veterans and Gold Star families deserve better, and I won’t rest until I uncover every single stone, get to the bottom of what happened – and hold those responsible accountable.

Expanding Access to Artificial Intelligence Research

To maintain United States leadership over our adversaries in technology, including Artificial Intelligence (AI), we must unleash the full potential of American innovation. I was very excited to introduce the CREATE AI Act alongside my colleagues, which will allow more great American minds to work together to develop smart, safe, and secure AI.
  • Click here to learn more about this bill, and how it will help protect our National Security and maintain our nation’s competitive edge against China.
Honoring a Great American Patriot

Sergeant Major Waugh epitomized the American values of courage, patriotism, and self-sacrifice. Through his unparalleled life of service, he undoubtedly saved countless American lives and pushed back terrorism and evil around the world.

Introducing a bill to name the United States Postal Service located at 1106 Main Street in Bastrop, Texas after him was a great honor. Naming a landmark like the Bastrop Post Office after Sergeant Major Waugh would be an enduring testament to a life well-lived — and an opportunity for all Texans to pay homage to this great American hero.

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