McCaul Meets with Texas Constituents Impacted by the Chinese Communist Party

“My point is, this is nothing new – they've been doing this for decades. But they've really ramped up their game right now."

WASHINGTON, D.C. (Texas Insider Report) — The recent closure of the Chinese Consulate in Houston has put a spotlight on the nature of the threat of the Chinese Communist Party here in Texas. Allegations of espionage may have surprised some, but to Texas Congressman Michael McCaul (TX-10,) this was just another example of the “malign agenda” of the Chinese Communist Party.

Rep. McCaul has been working to address the threat of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) for years as the former Chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, current Ranking Member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, and newly appointed Chair of the House China Task Force.

The China Task Force is focused on identifying legislative solutions in four major pillars:
  1. National Security
  2. TechnologyEconomics & Energy
  3. Competitiveness, and
  4. Ideological Competition
Earlier this month, McCaul held a virtual roundtable with constituents to discuss the threat of the Chinese Communist Party to Texas. The virtual roundtable included members from impacted industries such as technology, academia, oil & gas, in addition to veterans, Taiwanese-Americans, and families concerned about their children’s futures.

Cong. McCaul discussed his first experience with the CCP, working on the Johnny Chung case in 1996 in his role at the Department of Justice:
““My point is, this is nothing new – they've been doing this for decades, but they've really ramped up their game right now.
“Under the totalitarian leadership of the CCP, China has become the top national security and economic threat to the United States of America,” McCaul said.

“Not only do we have to hold the CCP accountable for their role in the spread of the CoronaVirus, but we must also address the CCP as a strategic adversary and the most consequential foreign policy challenge of this generation.”

The group discussed:
  • The Impact of the Chinese Government’s COVID-19 Coverup
  • The Theft of American Intellectual Property & Research
  • The financial implications of China’s government-sponsored investments in Texas Oil Fields
  • The importance of both Free & Fair Trade negotiated in President Trump’s China Phase 1 Trade Deal
  • The National Security & Economic Implications of bringing critical supply chains home, as well as
  • America’s role in supporting the freedom of Hong Kong, Taiwanese, and Chinese citizens facing an Authoritarian Regime in the Chinese Communist Party.
McCaul closed the panel with a reminder:
“This is not a partisan issue. The actions of the CCP impact us here in TX-10, across the state, and around the country.

"Its critical to address the malign agenda of the CCP, to protect American jobs, our national security, global human rights, and freedom,” saiid McCaul.

The China Task Force, chaired by McCaul, will release a comprehensive report on its work On October 1st, as well as a series of legislative recommendations for countering the threat of the Chinese Communist Party.