McCAUL: The Biden Border Crisis is Completely Out of Control

Bringing War Crimes to Light; Defending Our Agricultural Communities

By Cong. Michale McCaul

Texas Insider Report: (WASHINGTON, D.C.) – Two years ago, Secretary Mayorkas said it was necessary to rescind Remain in Mexico because it had “unjustifiable human costs." But since the Biden administration terminated that successful policy, the costs have only gone up.

Because of the Biden White House's open border policies, the crisis at our border is completely out of control.

In this week's House Homeland Security Committee hearing with Sec. Mayorkas, I asked him if he finds it justifiable that: 
  • Border patrol has encountered 5 million migrants since he took office 
  • 100,000 Americans have died from fentanyl flowing across the border 
  • 98 suspected terrorists and 12,000 criminals attempted to enter the homeland last year
  • At least 853 migrants died trying to cross the border last year — the most on record 
  • First responders found “stacks of bodies" abandoned by human smugglers in a trailer in Texas
The fact is: None of this is justifiable.

Bringing War Crimes to Light

Since Putin invaded Ukraine, Russian troops have been engaging in bone-chilling acts of violence against innocent civilians in Ukraine. This week, I held a House Foreign Affairs Committee hearing to bring to light these barbaric war crimes.

We heard heartbreaking testimonies from a woman who spent time in a Russian torture chamber and a child who — like an estimated 20,000 Ukrainian children — was abducted and deported to Russia for indoctrination.

One would think the horror of such acts would have been discarded “into the ash heap of history,” as Ronald Reagan once said. Sadly, the depravity of Russia’s invading forces knows no bounds. The free world cannot allow this to continue.

Defending Our Agricultural Communities

President Biden and his administration refuse to be anything other than stubborn when it comes to their "Waters of the United States" (WOTUS) rule.

The president recently vetoed bipartisan legislation to nullify this burdensome rule affecting our nation's waters — ignoring the will of Congress and working against our farmers and ranchers.

Thankfully, House Republicans are listening to Americans’ concerns. This week, we voted to override President Biden's veto and provide much-needed clarity and assurance for our nation's agricultural communities. 

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