MOORE: Middle-Class Is Really Experiencing a Boom in Trumps Economy

If Media & Democrats were truly concerned about hard-working families" theyd be cheering this amazing news

By Stephen Moore


WASHINGTON D.C. (Texas Insider Report)  I recently wrote op-eds that ran in the both Wall Street Journal and on the Fox News pages that showed how median household incomes under President Donald Trump have soared from $61000 to an all-time high of $66000 in less than three years of the Trump presidency. This is tremendous news and it confirms the substantial increase in middle-class prosperity during Trumps first three years in office.

The $5003 rise in middle-class incomes is especially impressive given that incomes only rose by $1200 in the seven years under Obama after the recession ended.

If the media liberal think tanks and Democrats in Congress were truly concerned about the economic well-being of hard-working families" as Elizabeth Warren likes to say they would have cheered to the rafters this amazing news of rising incomes for nearly all groups.

Instead the left has chosen to either ignore this story altogether or to denounce these findings which come from the gold standard of economic data the U.S. Census Bureau.

This hostility to the good news was no doubt triggered by President Trumps ebullient reaction. He has repeatedly tweeted out the numbers on middle class income gains and is now reciting these statistics in nearly every speech.

The income numbers are evidence that not only the rich but the majority of middle-income households have benefited financially from the Trump Economic Boom.

This same data also undermines the other riff from the Elizabeth Warren crowd which is that the Trump Economic Bwidth=319oom is merely a continuation of the Obama trend.

The income gains are four times higher under Trump than under Obama and in less than half the number of years in office.

Sure enough the left and the media are now engaged in a wholesale campaign to discredit the good news on family incomes. Pundits have accused Trump of using phony numbers. The Washington Post recently ran a piece entitled: Heres How Donald Trump Inflated His Economic Record.

In one Washington Post piece the reporter sneers of Trumps rambling distortions and complains: Trumps numbers appear to have originated in a pair of columns from the Heritage Foundations Steve Moore who used research from a private firm called Sentier Research.

Stop right there. Yes it is true the data comes from Sentier Research a private firm. But what is not ever mentioned in the article is that the data come from the Census Bureaus Current Population Survey which is the gold standard of economic data.

The two Sentier statisticians who analyzed the Census Data are probably the most knowledgeable people in the country on this income data. Gordon Green was the chief of the income bureau at Census for more than a decade and his colleagues at Sentier helped build the economic model Census uses to this day.

They have worked at the income division of the Census Bureau for a combined 40 years. They are scrupulously nonpartisan and no one has ever challenged their integrity.


But apparently the Sentier numbers become unreliable when they point to good news under Trump.

We just report the data says Gordon Green of Sentier.

In my analysis on these numbers I have openly admitted these monthly data are a first rough estimate of what is happening with incomes over time just as the jobs numbers are. They catch the trends over time.

It isnt Trump but his accusers who are engaged in rambling distortions and who deserve Pinnochio noses.


  • Three years into the Trump presidency there is no calamity and there is no recession.
  • Trump is right to recite real and legitimate data that substantiates the on-going Middle-Class Boom in America today.
  • And it isnt Trump but his accusers who are engaged in rambling distortions and who deserve Pinnochio noses.

Its the economy stupid. Everyone especially the Middle Class is sharing in the fruits of the Trump eBoom.


Stephen Moore is the Distinguished Visiting Fellow for Project for Economic Growth atThe Heritage Foundation and an economic consultant with FreedomWorks. He is the co-author of Trumponomics: Inside the America First Plan to Revive the American Economy."

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