Cong. Roger Williams: Operation Warp Speed Delivers CoronaVirus Vaccine

It is critical for our collective recovery that people in rural communities receive the same access to the vaccine as that of their urban counterparts.

By U.S. Cong. Roger Williams

Texas Insider Report: WASHINGTON, D.C. – A vaccine to protect Americans from COVID-19 has taken another monumental step under the leadership of President Trump, Vice President Pence and Operation Warp Speed! After more than nine months of maximizing efficiency and removing unnecessary barriers and delays – without sacrificing safety – this Administration harnessed the full power and strength of public-private partnerships across the nation. 

American researchers, scientists and manufacturers have dedicated the better part of this past year to delivering a viable defense against this invisible enemy. As of this morning, Pfizer and BioNTech’s coronavirus vaccine has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for emergency use and millions of doses will be shipped across the country over the next 24 hours.

I am working with my colleagues in Congress to ensure that Texans who wish to take the vaccine can have access to it as quickly and easily as possible. While health care workers and first responders will rightly be among the first in line to receive an initial dose, we must ensure that it extends equally to our rural areas. It is critical for our collective recovery that people in rural communities receive the same access to the vaccine as that of their urban counterparts.

Small businesses need relief TODAY

While small businesses in every community are making life-altering decisions about whether or not they have to close permanently, Speaker Pelosi and House Democrats continue blocking relief simply because they don’t like President Trump.

I joined my Republican colleagues this week calling on the Speaker to extend the Paycheck Protection Program so we can deliver more relief to those who need it most. The PPP has already saved more than 58,000 jobs and kept the doors of 6,000 small businesses open, and there is still work left to do. I'm ready to act TODAY.

Delivering for TX-25

Impact Aid is critical to providing funding for local school districts to properly serve federally impacted classrooms across America. Due to COVID-19, districts like the Killeen ISD have experienced unprecedented challenges as they tirelessly work to continue educating our students despite difficult circumstances.

After my efforts urging the Administration to provide greater relief, President Trump signed into law a bill that permits federally impacted school districts to use their FY21 student count and property valuation data for FY22 Impact Aid applications.

This is tremendous news for our military families and Killen-area educators!

Relief funding for nursing homes

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ (HHS) will be distributing the second round of performance payments under the CARES Act to nursing homes who have successfully reduced COVID-19 infections and deaths in their communities.

Since the first round of funding was allocated to Texas, nursing homes have successfully reduced COVID-19 infections and deaths between September-October. 684 facilities in Texas will receive a total of $29,986,791 in this second round.

These facilities are working around the clock to keep their residents and patients safe, and I am proud to partner with health officials in the 25th District as we continue fighting to keep Texans healthy.
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