Outlet Admit They Have Some Real Problems? Anyone?

By Erick Erickson

CBS News has found the hero of the caravan story the human traffickers. They are profiling the traffickers and thus far theyre coverage appears less than critical of the traffickers.

NBC News political editor Dafna Linzer seemingly tried to intervene with Yashar Ali a highly respected freelance journalist. Her intervention was not for NBC or MSNBC but for the Democratic National Committee. NBC has offered no comment on the matter.

I would remind you that reporters were beside themselves when CNN intended offer Sarah Flores a position as editor within the network. There were howls of protest from journalists that this compromised CNN. These same reporters and journalists are remarkably quiet in light of the allegations raised by Yashar Ali against Ms. Linzer.

Then there is the shock and awe of journalists reaction to Joe Biden making women uncomfortable. There have been pictures of Biden doing this for years and allegations as well in addition to the allegations of Biden running around the Naval Observatory and his home in Delaware without clothes on in front of female secret service agents. If Ive heard about those allegations in Macon Georgia I assure you people in Washington have heard them.

But reporters all acted surprised as if this is all new. They were perfectly happy to turn a blind eye when Biden was Obamas Vice President. But now that he might challenge Beto Kamala and Pete the Circle of Jerks that is the DC political press corps is suddenly outraged and surprised.

The media is spending a lot of time taking shots at Fox News some of the shot being very legitimate. But they are far too willing to circle wagons around themselves. They have refused any accountability in how they handled the Mueller probe. They have refused to admit any sort of biases for the left. And they often are more willing to push Democrat attacks and based their news reports on presuppositions that favor Democrats.

None of this is healthy for trust in the media. But the media has gone into a bunker mode where they are convinced any criticism is just Fox News fans attacking. That is not true but even if it were they should consider Fox Newss ratings. Journalists who think they can fudge on the truth etc. so long as Fox News is doing it are not only mistaken but they are exacerbating the problems in the media.

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