Patriotism vs. Racism Arguments Will be Key in 2020 Elections

CNN and MSNBC used the Racist" word more than 1100 times in just a 3-day period earlier this summer

By Newt Gingrich

Texas Insider Report: WASHINGTON D.C.  Who are the real American patriots? Who are the real racists? These two questions will play a big role in the 2020 election as Patriotism & Racism will be key arguments over the next 15 months.

width=425The Left is desperate to turn any traditional patriotic appeal into an act of racism.

The Left is desperate to smear Republicans and moderate Democrats as racists.

Part of this desperation is in the Lefts growing realization that President Trump and the Republicans are beginning to attract minority support in a serious way.

Earlier this summer between a Sunday and Tuesday in mid-July CNN and MSNBC used the word racist" more than 1100 times.

Part of this desperation is in the Lefts inability to debate the facts and their hope that strong smears can shame their opponents out of broaching the argument.

Consider the example of the very left-wing African American female candidate for governor in Georgia. She alienated enough African American males with her radicalized platforms that the Republican candidate got a significant percentage of African American male votes.

In Florida a left-wing African American candidate for governor lost almost one out of five African American female votes because of his opposition to school choice.


In Michigan a charismatic Republican African American veteran and businessman John James received more votes for the Senate in Michigan than any Republican since the year 2000. James is running again and if he wins the historic monopoly that the Left has on the African American vote will collapse.

All around the country President Trump is attracting Latinos to his rallies in record numbers. There is strong support in the Latino community for job creation income growth small business prosperity and enforcing the law.

The Lefts reaction to these threats has been hysteria. Screaming racist" which the left-wing propaganda machine did relentlessly this week is their most common effort to shut up conservatives in general and President Trump in particular.

Defending the flag is racist in this left-wing world. Defending George Washington and Thomas Jefferson is racist according to the Left. Again and again they seek to shame todays patriots into silence.

Yet the real racists are on the Left. Consider Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley (speaking at right) saying

width=383We dont need any more brown faces that dont want to be a brown voice.

We dont need black faces that dont want to be a black voice.

We dont need Muslims that dont want to be a Muslim voice.

We dont need queers that dont want to be a queer voice."

Consider both the racism and the fascist arrogance in that statement.

  • First Pressley asserts the right to define the authenticity of voices.
  • Second she defines each voice by skin color religion or sexual orientation rather than the content of their character.
  • Third she dismisses or dehumanizes everyone who fails to meet her standard.

Consider her arrogance just in regard to the African American community. By her standard Secretary Colin Powell isnt authentically black. Neither is Secretary Condoleezza Rice Secretary Ben Carson Justice Clarence Thomas Senator Tim Scott or senatorial candidate John James.

You can go through each of Pressleys defined subgroups and find people who deeply disagree with her.


One of the keys to the 2020 campaign will be who the American people conclude are authentically patriotic and what views are actually racist.

President Trump and Republicans will be defined as genuinely patriotic. The Left will grow hysterical as it loses its ability to dominate the public narrative with name calling.

The 2018 election was a watershed in the shift of minority voters toward Republicans.

The election of 2020 will be one of the most defining elections in American history.

If the Left succeeds in making its racist" charge stick it could seal off minority voters from even considering voting for President Trump and other candidates on the Republican ticket.

On the other hand if Republicans successfully answer the racist attack and then prove that the Democrats have become the party of radical proposals that would destroy America as we know it then the Democrats could find themselves losing everywhere except on college campuses and in some radical neighborhoods.

Patriotism and racism will be key arguments over the next 15 months.


Newt Gingrich was Speaker of the United States House of Representatives from 1995 to 1999. Follow him on Twitter @NewtGingrich. His latest book is Trumps America: The Truth About Our Nations Great Comeback."

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