Pence: All of Texas Needs Know Were Going to be Here Until this Community & All of Texas Rebuilds

ABBOTT: We know weve made tremendous strides seeing so many buildings & homes rebuilt but we also know theres more to be done. width=278Texas Insider Report: ROCKPORT Texas President Trump wanted me to be here today to make sure that this community and all of Texas knows were here to assure the people of Texas that we are going to be here until all of Texas rebuildsĀ and comes back bigger and better than before. But as we just heard from some of the great leaders that work out of this church theres still many families that have been displaced and are still out of their homes" said Vice President Mike Pence while visiting Texas on the anniversary of Hurricane Harvey making Landfall near Corpus Christi Rockport & Port Arthur Texas.
Were going to continue to provide support and make sure the Federal backstop is there so that this community and all of Texas can come all the way back and even more. Thats our objective" said the Vice President.
Texas Governor Greg Abbott thanked Vice President Pence and President Donald Trump while they visited the 1st Baptist Church in Rockport saying

You were here from the very beginning working & helping to remove debris rolling up your sleeves to get to work. As Governor of Texas I want to express my deep gratitude to the entire Trump Administration for providing us the resources that we need to rebuild.

Texas needs to know that we received more money faster than after any disaster response in history already more than $30 Billion dollars about half of which is going to go to rebuild homes here and through the entire affected region.

It would not have happened without the President & Vice Presidents leadership said Abbott.

width=429 And I want to echo one thing the Vice President said one thing that we all know added Abbott. That is even with the help from all the 1st Responders with all the help from the faith-based groups that stepped up and helped it was the resilience of Texans the local Mayors the local County Commissioners average every day Texans that pitched in and helped rebuild our communities without the help of average everyday Texans we wouldnt be where we are now. We know weve made tremendous strides seeing so many buildings and homes in the region rebuilt but we know theres more to be done" said Abbott. Not only will we continue to rebuild but we will rebuild better than it was before Hurricane Harvey hit. Were all working together and on the same page to expedite this as quick as is possible" Abbott said.
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