Cong. Pfluger: Biden Protecting Illegal Terrorists; Is Dead Serious on 'Ending Fossil Fuels'

House introduces two pro-abortion bills

Texas Insider Report: AUSTIN, Texas – This week, I discovered a ludicrous new policy that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has implemented to protect potential terrorists in our country illegally.

DHS is blocking me and other members on the House Homeland Security Committee from receiving information on foiled terrorist plots, like the recent assassination attempt of George W. Bush and a planned attack on a 4th of July Parade in Richmond, VA.

Both of these foiled attacks were planned by non-citizens who entered our country illegally.

Instead of briefing our committee on the attacks and the planned assailants, DHS has decided to withhold information on terror plots from Congress unless we obtain privacy release waivers from the suspected “criminal non-citizens” involved.

If the 9/11 hijackers were caught on September 10, 2001, would we have waited for the terrorist to sign-off before briefing Congress?

This Administration’s first priority should be ensuring the safety of American communities, not protecting the supposed ‘privacy’ of terrorists.

Republican Leader John Katko, Rep. Mayra Flores, and I will not tolerate this ludicrous policy. Read more about our letter and call for answers here.

Leading Against the EPA Permian Basin Non-Attainment Designation
President Biden made a promise to "end fossil fuels" on the campaign trail, and it seems he is dead serious about following through with it despite record-high energy costs already crippling American families.

Last week, the Biden Administration's Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) indicated they may impose a 2015 non-attainment ozone designation on the Permian Basin. A non-attainment designation would significantly burden producers in the Permian, slow production, and reduce supply from the largest secure source of energy in the world.

In response, I Ied both Texas Senators, John Cornyn and Ted Cruz, and other energy-focused Republicans in sending a letter to the EPA outlining the risks of the potential designation.

The last thing the Permian Basin needs is more harmful regulations.

President Biden must abandon your promise to "end fossil fuels” and work with the innovators and entrepreneurs in the Permian Basin.

Read the full letter here.

Standing for Life
Today, I voted against two pro-abortion bills pushed through the House by Speaker Pelosi and House Democrats. These bills go far beyond Roe v. Wade.

What my Democrat colleagues are pushing would permit elective abortion up to a baby’s due date nationwide, and legalize abortions based on the child’s race, sex, or disability, and open up dangerous loopholes for child traffickers to cover up their crimes.

Since the overturn of Roe v. Wade, Democrats have spread misinformation and fear.

The belief that a woman's only avenue to success in her career or life is through the killing of a child is inhumane and wrong.

This extreme agenda shows that our work to defend innocent lives remains as important as ever—despite the recent wins in the Supreme Court.
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