Cong. Pfluger Tapped to Chair Counter-Terrorism, Law Enforcement & Intelligence Subcommittee

Just north of 1,254 miles of the shared Texas-Mexico Border, CD 11 is at a critical intersection of National Security for our Country

By Cong. August Pfluger

Texas Insider Report WASHINGTON, D.C. It is an honor to announce that I have been selected to serve as the Chairman of the Counterterrorism, Law Enforcement & Intelligence Subcommittee within the Homeland Security Committee.

As a former fighter pilot who has served abroad in many different theaters, I spent my entire military career looking at the threats facing the United States — specifically foreign terrorists. Americans are rightly frustrated with the lack of attention to security at the southern border, and it is unacceptable that the Biden Administration does not understand who is entering our country, and what their affiliations and intentions are.

Our district is a critical intersection of national security for our country. It lies just north of the 1,254 miles of shared border between Texas and Mexico and is home to the country's top oil and gas producing region, millions of acres of farm and ranchland, Goodfellow Air Dorce Base, and portions of Fort Hood Army Base.

As the Chairman of the Counterterrorism, Law Enforcement & Intelligence Subcommittee, I will be focusing our efforts on the real threats facing our country so we can keep our communities safe. In addition to border security, I look forward to continuing the committee’s work on combatting foreign malign influence from bad actors like the CCP and working to ensure that our critical energy resources are safe from chemical, biological, cyber, or other terror threats.

Eliminating Biden's Unconstitutional COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate

In Washington, the House Republican Majority passed legislation to:
  • Eliminate the authoritarian COVID vaccine mandate on health care workers;
  • Remove Ilhan Omar from the House Foreign Affairs Committee;
  • End the COVID national emergency and public health emergency;
  • Force federal bureaucrats back to work in person;
  • And more...
Growing up in rural Texas gave me a strong appreciation for health care providers and our heroes on the front lines — doctors, nurses, and staff, who are saving lives daily. Shortages of health care staff are ongoing nationwide, but unfortunately, the crisis is even worse in rural America.

Rural health care workers and providers are among those most negatively impacted by President Biden’s tyrannical COVID vaccine mandate. The Biden Administration should not be forcing American workers to choose between taking the COVID-19 vaccine or losing their job.

I am proud to represent rural Texas on the House Energy & Commerce Committee and help introduce legislation to free our health care heroes from this unconstitutional mandate.
  • Watch my remarks here.
Tracking High-Altitude Chinese Surveillance Balloon

My team and I are closely tracking the alarming high-altitude Chinese surveillance balloon that's been allowed top hover the continental United States. It is imperative that we return to American strength. We must end Chinese spying on Americans–whether in our airspace or on our children through their phones.

The Biden Administration's failure to protect the U.S. mainland from not only one but two Chinese spy balloons is an example of how President Biden's foreign policy weaknesses and inability to deter aggression threaten our National Security.

Standing up to Antisemitism & Anti-American Rhetoric

Thursday, my Republican colleagues and I voted to remove Minnesota Democrat Ilhan Omar from the House Foreign Affairs Committee.
Since becoming a Member of Congress in 2019, Congresswoman Omar has spread antisemitic tropes and spread anti-Israel falsehoods, making her unfit to guide American foreign policy on the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

As someone who served with her last Congress on this committee, I have personally witnessed her damaging behavior.

In fact, last year on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, I offered an amendment simply condemning antisemitism and rejecting the idea that Israel is an apartheid state. Congresswoman Omar was the only member who choose to abstain from voting on my amendment.

This was no surprise, given her claims that Israel has "hypnotized the world" and repeated statements accusing Israel of being an apartheid state.

America must stand firmly with our ally Israel. Congresswoman Omar is unfit to serve on the committee that represents our country on the global stage.

Congressman August Pfluger represents a total of 20 Counties in Texas’ 11th Congressional District – including the cities of San Angelo, Llano, Brownwood, Granbury, Midland, Odessa, and much of the Permian Basin... the top Oil & Gas Rroducing Region in America.