Pfluger: Unveiling Signature Legislation on Energy

Texas Insider Report WASHINGTON, D.C. House Republicans are delivering on our promises to restore American energy dominance by introducing H.R. 1, the Lower Energy Costs Act, a comprehensive energy package to boost oil & gas production in the Permian Basin and cut costs for all Americans.

I am extremely proud to have co-authored this legislation that includes my bill to repeal President Biden’s harmful new tax on American oil & gas producers. It is an honor to work on behalf of the men and women of the Permian Basin—the heartbeat of American energy—who have transformed our industry and lifted a billion people out of poverty.

The Lower Energy Costs Act restores American energy independence by:
  • Increasing domestic energy production
  • Reforming the permitting process for all industries
  • Reversing anti-energy policies advanced by the Biden Administration
  • Streamlining energy infrastructure and exports
  • Boosting the production and processing of critical minerals
Chief of Border Patrol Admits that the Border is Not Secure
Republicans are serious about tackling the crisis at our southern border. This week, the Homeland Security Committee held a hearing in McAllen, Texas, where we heard directly from US Border Patrol Chief Ortiz and others. It was extremely disappointing to have every Democrat on the committee refuse to show up.

Despite their absence, the Hearing was groundbreaking. For the first time in two years, we had a Biden Administration official admit to Congress what we all know: that the border is NOT secure and that we do not have operational control of the border. Not only that, but he confirmed that the crisis is driven by policy failures and affirmed that a key CBP mission under President Biden's leadership is "the processing enterprise" — not securing the border, but processing illegal aliens and releasing them into the U.S.

I asked the Vice President of the National Border Patrol Council Chris Cabrera if their 16,500 members feel supported by President Biden and Secretary Mayorkas with the resources they need to do their jobs. His answer: “absolutely not.” Secretary Mayorkas must answer for his refusal to secure the border.

Republicans promised to secure our country, and that is exactly what we are working to do. We are already holding this administration accountable for the pain they are inflicting on our country. We will continue working to secure the border and provide our agents with the support and resources they need to do their jobs.

I was honored to invite Kimble County Sheriff Castleberry and Ector County Sheriff Mike Griffis down to the hearing in McAllen to offer their perspectives on the issues even our communities, that are not directly on the border, are dealing with due to the border crisis.
They told harrowing stories of high-speed chases and tragic deaths due to fentanyl poisoning.

On Monday, just several miles outside of our district in Ozona, a second-grade student at Ozona Elementary and her grandmother were killed in a tragic high-speed crash involving illegal immigrants.

These tragedies cannot continue happening. We need a secure border, now.

Russian Jet Collides with U.S. Reaper Drone
You have probably seen the video footage of a Russian fighter jet colliding with a USAF MQ-9 Reaper Drone over the Black Sea. This aggressive and brazen act was obviously on purpose, as these drones only maneuver 30 to 40 degrees. It is obvious that the collision was intentional and meant to bring down our Reaper. I witnessed this cavalier, cowboy approach from Russian fighter pilots when I was deployed and flying over Syria.

Their disregard for this country is unacceptable, and we need an apology from the Russian government and strength from our President in every aspect of foreign policy.

Watch my segment with Brian Kilmeade on Fox & Friends here:

Leading the House Energy Action Team (HEAT)
As the Representative for the Permian Basin—the most prolific oil and gas producing region in the United States—I am committed to telling the story of the men and women of our region who, through hard work and innovation, have unlocked abundant American energy and lifted a billion people out of poverty. The Biden Administration has demonized these very people and this industry in policy and rhetoric.

I am excited to lead a well-organized group of Members who are passionate about communicating the benefits of American energy to our national security, our economy, and our American way of life.

Introducing the Police Officers Protecting Children Act
This morning, I introduced the Police Officers Protecting Children Act which allows qualified law enforcement officers and retired law enforcement officers to carry a concealed firearm in a school zone with the approval of the school board.

As a father to three daughters, I join millions of Americans in sending my girls to school every day and trusting that they are in a safe environment. The Police Officers Protecting Children Act provides an extra layer of security to schools by allowing off-duty and retired police officers to carry firearms in a school zone and help keep kids safe. This legislation makes it possible for more law enforcement heroes to respond to an emergency and secure the area. Police officers do not lose their mission of keeping the peace just because they’re off the clock.

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The People's House is Open!
Thanks to the new Republican majority in the House of Representatives, the U.S. Capitol is back OPEN for tours!