PFLUGER: Put Texas Oil & Gas Over OPEC, and Return Law & Order at Border – Now

President Biden's refusal to enforce consequences for illegal activity at our border has created nothing but chaos. We must return to law and order.

By Cong. August Pfluger

Texas Insider Report: AUSTIN, Texas I spent this past weekend down at the border in McAllen, Texas. There are numerous issues that need to be addressed at our southern border, but the main issue is that under the Biden White House, there are no consequences.

Our heroic Border Patrol Officers are working to overcome the challenges of inconsistent fences, understaffing, and most importantly rhetoric and policies from our President that are encouraging the most illegal border crossings in the history of this country.
President Biden's refusal to enforce consequences for illegal activity at our border has created nothing but chaos.

During my visit, I witnessed a staggering number of illegal crossings, including children as young as 9 and 10 years old who were trafficked to our border. We must build the wall, provide the technology needed, hire more border patrol agents, and secure the border once and for all.

We must return to law and order.
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Odessa Over OPEC

This week, the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC+) announced it would cut oil production by 2 million barrels per day. This production cut comes after President Biden’s visit to Saudi Arabia in July to ask for more oil production overseas.

Energy is fundamental for our society. President Biden’s crowning policy achievement will be making America more dependent on foreign countries for our energy needs in order to appease Green interest groups. To make matters worse, the Biden Administration is reportedly considering a ban or limit on exports of refined petroleum products.

President Biden continues to be on the wrong side of every major issue affecting America’s energy security. An export ban of any kind would further discourage U.S. oil and gas production and the necessary investment needed to ensure our Nation is the world energy leader for decades to come.

We must refocus on restoring American energy independence. The first step should be ending government-made barriers to oil and gas investment and rolling back regulatory burdens put forth by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). 

Let’s put Odessa, Texas over OPEC and encourage more American production. Now.

Thank you for honor to represent the best district in the United States, and the opportunity to stand up for our values to make sure the government works for us.

Serving his first term in the U.S. House of Representatives, Congressman August Pfluger represents a total of 29 Counties in Texas’ 11th Congressional District – including the cities of San Angelo, Llano, Brownwood, Granbury, Midland, Odessa, and much of the Permian Basin... the top Oil & Gas Producing Region in America.

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