POLL: 64% of Texas Voters Support Effort to Protect Free Speech on Social Networks

Texas voters show Strong Support for Legislation Protecting Free Speech on Social Media
AUSTIN, Texas (Texas Insider Report) — A newly released poll commissioned by the Hispanic Republicans of Texas shows that 64% of Texas' statewide voters support legislation to protect free speech on social networks by preventing them from blocking, banning, or discriminating against a user based only on their viewpoint. The poll results also show that Texas voters agree with Senator Bryan Hughes’ (right,) legislation, Senate Bill 12, requiring social media platforms to regularly disclose how often they take actions to remove content or suspend accounts.

By more than a 2-to-1 margin, the poll indicated voters would be inclined to favorably support their legislator’s reelection if they supported such efforts.

Noted Mano DeAyala, Chairman of the Hispanic Republicans of Texas,
“Texans are sick and tired of being censored on social media networks for their viewpoints.

"Texas lawmakers have the opportunity to protect free speech online and make social media networks more transparent and accountable by passing Senator Hughes’ Senate Bill 12 and sending it to Governor Abbott’s desk for his signature.”

The statewide poll's full results show:
  • 64% of voters support a bill that has been introduced in the Texas Legislature that would make social media platforms operating in Texas – such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube – more transparent and accountable by not allowing them to block, ban or discriminate against a user based only on their viewpoint, requiring platforms to regularly disclose how often they either remove content or suspend user's accounts. 
  • 62% of voters would vote to re-elect their State Legislator if he or she supported the bill to make social media platforms more transparent and accountable to Texas consumers.
Said DeAyala, “Big Tech companies have grown too strong and too dominant, and have abused their role as gate keepers.
"By way of a recent example, Facebook blocked the phrase 'Hispanic Republicans of Texas' – representing the next generation of potential Texas leaders – as violating its Discrimination Policy.

"Big Tech platforms should not be allowed to unlawfully censor or block users from expressing free speech.

"Texas lawmakers have an opportunity to make Texas a national leader in protecting free speech on social networks," DeAyala (right,) said.

The survey was conducted by Baselice & Associates, Inc. on April 12-15, 2021, among N=800 likely voters in Texas. The margin of error to the results of this survey is + 3.5% at the .95 confidence level. 
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