49% of 'Likely Voters' Nationwide Support Easing COVID Restrictions, while 58% of Hispanics say America’s Best Days are to Come

In the "Purple" competitive states that may decide the winner of Election 2020 – 49% want to see restrictions eased, just 36% say the opposite

WASHINGTON, D.C. (Texas Insider Report) — A larger number of “Registered Voters” want to move beyond the current lockdowns than not, says a recent Scott Rasmussen National Survey — 45% believe the government should be easing lockdown restrictions where they live, while 36% said they take the opposite view, and 19% are not sure.

Among “Likely Voters” nationwide, 49% support easing restrictions, while 36% want to see stricter measures.

In Purple States – the competitive states that may decide the winner of Election 2020 – 49% want to see restrictions eased, while just 36% found the opposite view.

And in an interesting geographic note, in Blue States – those won by Hillary Clinton in 2016 by at least 4% – more people, 47%, favor easing restrictions than not. While 37% of respondents said they wear masks at all times around other people, 63% said they take a more relaxed approach.

While those results may seem counter-intuitive, this may be a sign that Blue State Voters are losing patience with lockdown measures.

That is consistent with other recent surveys showing a decline in pessimism about the CoronaVirus since the summer.

As for those who aren’t sure about whether the worst is behind us, 48% want to see restrictions eased, while just 19% want stricter lockdowns.

Overall, 74% of Republicans want lockdown restrictions eased, Independent voters are evenly divided, while 54% of Democrats want to see stricter regulations.
  • Methodology: This survey of 1,200 Registered Voters was conducted using a mixed mode approach from September 24-26, 2020.
58% of Hispanic Voters Nationwide Believe America’s Best Days are Still to Come

In fact, a majority of every measured demographic group shares this upbeat assessment:
  • 58% of White Voters believe our best days are still in the future
  • So do 58% of Hispanic Voters, and
  • 54% of Black Voters
  • 49% of Independent Voters are optimistic
    • while just 24% of Independents believe the best days were in the past.
As Election 2020 approaches, this overall level of optimism about the future lead to:
  • 49% of “Registered Voters” saying they are better off than they were 4 years ago, while
  • 42% disagree and say they are not, and
  • 9% are not sure.
  • Men, by a 53% to 38% margin, say they are better off
  • Women are evenly divided
  • Red State Voters say they are better off by a 55% to 37% margin, while
  • Blue State voters are evenly divided,
  • as are those in Purple States.
Red States are defined as those won by President Trump by at least 4% in 2016, while Blue States are those Hillary Clinton won by at least 4%. Purple States are those whose results were closer.

74% of Republicans say they are better off, Independent voters are evenly divided, while 62% of Democrats say they are not.
  • Methodology: These surveys of 1,200 Registered Voters were conducted using a mixed mode approach from September 17-19, 2020.
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