RASMUSSEN: Trump Builds 3% Arizona & Ohio Leads as 52% of 'Likely Voters' Now Approve of Job Performance

Factor in those 'undecideds' leaning toward one candidate or another, and Trump gains a point – leading 49% to 45%​​

WASHINGTON, D.C. (Texas Insider Report) — Just days before Election Day, President Trump has moved to a 3% lead over Democrat Joe Biden in Arizona and Ohio, a new Rasmussen Reports Telephone & Online Survey of "Likely Voters" shows. Factor in those who haven’t made up their minds yet, but are leaning toward one candidate or the other, and Trump gains a point – taking a 49% to 45% lead.
  A little over a week ago, the Democrat had a 48% to 46% advantage in Arizona. Two percent (2%) prefer some other candidate, while four percent (4%) are undecided.

In 2016, Trump beat Hillary Clinton by 3.5% in Arizona, carrying 48% of the state’s voters.
  • 93% of Arizona voters say they’ve made up their minds whom they’re going to vote for.
    • Trump has a negligible 49% to 48% advantage among this group.
  • 70% have already voted.
    • The Democrat nominee has a 7% lead among these voters.
  • Among the 95% of voters in the state who definitely plan to vote, Trump leads 48% to 46%.
The Rasmussen Reports Survey of 800 Arizona "Likely Voters" was conducted October 27th-29th, 2020. The margin of sampling error is +/- 3.5%. 
  • 78% of Arizona voters who consider the economy the most important issue in the election are voting for Trump
    • 29% of Arizona voters rate the economy the most important issue
  • 51% of Arizona voters approve of the job Trump is doing (41% Strongly Approve,) 47% disapprove (42% Strongly)
    • 25% who put the emphasis on Trump’s job performance are voting for him
  • 21% say the CoronaVirus is the most important issue
    • 74% of those who feel that about the CoronaVirus prefer Biden
Other issues don’t come close as far as the Arizona’s voters are concerned:
  • Public Safety – 5%
  • Racial Justice – 5%
  • Illegal Immigration – 5%
  • National Security – 3%, and
  • something else – 5%
Democrats strongly agree with Biden that America is entering “a dark winter” because of the CoronaVirus, but other voters aren’t nearly as gloomy.

Trump is more upbeat, promising a COVID-19 vaccine soon, and most voters say they’re likely to get one.
  The latest national figures include 40% who Strongly Approve of the job Trump is doing, and 40% who Strongly Disapprove, giving him a Presidential Approval Index rating of 0.