HUNTER: Reality Keeps Ruining the Lies Democrats Are Telling About the Economy

By Derek Hunter

There are a few professions that face no consequences for being wrong, among them are meteorologist, politician and economist. I should add a caveat to that last one – that job only comes with no consequences in regards to the government, which goes hand-in-hand with politicians. As you and your family grapple with navigating Joe Biden’s horrible economy and his never-ending Biden-flation, never forget the lies we’ve been told by the very people who’ve spent that last four years blowing so much smoke up our rear ends that we have to worry about colon cancer, and hold them accountable for those lie.

It started off with a series of steadfast denials that inflation even existed, remember that? From the White House – the President, press secretary, various Cabinet Secretaries – to the media and punditry class, all denied there was any inflation at all. They kept this up as long as possible, well beyond the point of absurdity. 

When the lie could no longer be supported, and the truth remained unhelpful to Democrats, a new lie was employed: inflation is transitory. 

Remember that one? As prices rose, these “learned” people in positions of authority swore to everyone that what they were experiencing, what these politicians insisted was not happening, was now happening, but don’t worry – it’ll only be happening for a little while. It will end soon, it was the supply chain or “corporate greed” or opportunism, whatever. It was going to pass like a stone and all would be well.

That, too, was a lie. They knew it at the time and simply did not care. The objective was to just get over the next hump, the next election – midterms, off-year, special, whatever – and create a new story when the last one no longer worked. 

It worked. Democrats are evil, not stupid. They don’t do things by accident. 

With each new set of inflation numbers released by the government, we learn just how evil they are and how big the lies they tell will get. They cannot tell the truth about the economy, so they spend their time insisting you simply don’t understand how good you have it. It’s a bit like an abusive husband trying to convince his wife that any other man she could be with would beat her harder and longer; but it works with Democrat voters, they seem to crave the lies.

As the lies begin to run out of runway, Joe Biden is trying another tactic: changing the subject completely. 
In his tongue bath from Univision this week, Biden was asked about the economy and inflation, since so many Americans are having difficulty making ends meet as a direct result of his policies. Joe’s answer was telling.

Look, Joe Biden can’t tell the truth, either because it doesn’t help his cause or he simply doesn’t know what it is – his handlers probably keep a lot from him because he can’t comprehend the concepts. Whatever the case, he does have stored away some general talking points. 

Those talking points rarely answer questions anyone asks, but they do allow for a word salad that will accomplish what you want them to when talking with someone on your team, as was the case with Univision. 
On the cost of living, Biden said, “Also, it’s about changing what happens at the kitchen table, for example, you know, uh, we talk about trickle down economy, you know, as long as a wealthy do well will trickle down the rest of us. Well, nothing ever trickled down on my dad‘s kitchen table, OK? But guess what, when you have to pay $35 for an overdraftery (he said it, I just transcribed it) check and guess what I change it $8 now. If, in fact, you’re in a situation where you are, you’re gonna have a junk fee, if you’re in a situation your credit card is overdraft, instead of paying $30 $40 $50 bucks, you have to pay $3. The point is, the thing that affects people’s…my dad used to say, ‘Joey, a job is about a lot more in the paycheck, it’s about your dignity, is about your ability to have something left at the end of the month so the family can make it.’ Well, these junkies cost hundreds of bucks for people, and we’re eliminating them.”

If that doesn’t make any sense to you, it’s largely because Joe Biden is an idiot who can’t form a coherent thought. But it’s also because he’s trying to argue that limiting fees for bouncing a check or going over your credit card limit is a good thing while he ignores the reasons people are bouncing checks and going over their credit card limit in the first place. Those reasons, by the way, are his economic policies; his failures. 

Naturally, since the only “journalists” allowed anywhere near Joe Biden are on his team, there was no follow-up question pointing that out. It’s good to be a Democrat, aside from the need to constantly shower because you feel dirty about what you have to do or say, or just being a sociopath.

Still, lies are all Democrats have on the economy – and they need new ones constantly because the reality of their "Remaking America in Our Image" reality keeps ruining the old ones.

Derek Hunter is the host of a free daily podcast (subscribe!) and author of the book, Outrage, INC., which exposes how liberals use fear and hatred to manipulate the massesFollow him on Twitter at @DerekAHunter.