CONG. FALLON: Hunter Biden's a No-Show for the Public Hearing He Requested?

The pieces in the puzzle fit, and it's clear that the Bidens engaged in blatant corruption. 

By Cong. Pat Fallon

Texas Insider Report: (WASHINGTON, D.C.) – Hunter Biden and his legal team have yelled and bawled for months about how he wanted a public hearing to clear his name. But when the time came last week for such a hearing, Hunter was nowhere to be found. So much for transparency--if Hunter's exploits truly do pass the smell test, then why would he deny an opportunity to make that clear, publicly, before the American people's representatives in Congress? 

Two of Hunter's former associates, Tony Bobulinski (right,) and Jason Galanis did come testify. (Mr. Galanis testified from prison!)

From their sworn testimony, we learned
  1. The Bidens didn't peddle any legitimate good or service, they sold the Biden Brand.
  2. Hunter Biden committed perjury during his deposition. 
  3. Joe Biden himself was involved in Hunter Biden's foreign business dealings. 
The fact that these folks, under oath, are giving a different version of the story than Hunter Biden indicates that his recollection of events doesn't pass the smell test.

If you recall the Mafia Trials from the1980s, you'll remember that prosecutors didn't cross-examine Boy Scouts and nuns – they put people on the stand who were involved in the organized crime. 

The same holds true for the Biden investigation. We've brought in Hunter's business partners to testify, many of whom have served or are currently serving time.

Even more so, the testimony and evidence we have gathered corroborates. The pieces in the puzzle fit – and it's clear that the Bidens engaged in blatant corruption. 
  My Vote Against Continued Reckless Spending In Washington:

The House of Representatives passed the final appropriation package of FY24, a six-bill minibus. Democrats brought this bill over the finish line with a minority of the Republican majority supporting it.

I voted against this bill, which was nearly 1,000 pages long and spent nearly $5.5 million taxpayer dollars per every word in it. 

With divided government in Washington, House Republicans' only leverage comes from the power of the purse. We cannot continue to fund Biden's far-left priorities.

If this means threatening a shutdown to stop the left's juggernaught, so be it. 

The House also passed legislation that fights back against Biden's war on American energy:
  • H. RES. 987 – “Denouncing the harmful, anti-American energy policies of the Biden administration”
  • H. CON. RES. 86 – “Expressing the sense of Congress that a carbon tax would be detrimental to the United States economy”
  • H.R. 1121 - “To prohibit a moratorium on the use of hydraulic fracturing”
  • H.R. 6009 - To require the Director of the Bureau of Land Management to withdraw the proposed rule relating to fluid mineral leases and leasing process”
  • H.R. 1023 - To repeal section 134 of the Clean Air Act, relating to the greenhouse gas reduction fund
While these will undoubtedly go nowhere in Democrat Chuck Schumer's Senate, the fact remains that the other side of the aisle is keen on rubber stamping the Biden Administration's energy policy that continues to make life harder on Americans through high prices at the gas pump and enormous energy bills. 
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Congressman Pat Fallon has previously represented North Texans in the Texas Legislature, and now proudly serves as the Congressman for Texas’ 4th Congressional District, where he serves over 700,000 great American “bosses”.