State Rep. Harrison Puts Local Officials on Notice: "Any Property Tax Rate higher than the ‘No-New-Revenue’ Rate is a Tax Increase"

“I oppose property taxes and want to replace them so Texans can finally own their own homes," ​​​​​​​

Texas Insider Report: AUSTIN, Texas – State Representative Brian Harrison sent letters to the taxing entities in State House District 10 asking that they adopt the “no-new-revenue” tax rate – or a lower rate than their currently existing rate – to refrain from increasing taxes during this time of pronounced economic difficulties. If local officials want to raise taxes, then Representative Harrison has asked that they voluntarily submit the tax increase to the voters through an election.

Just because property values have gone up, doesn’t mean property taxes have to go up, said a release from Harrison's Office. Local officials, who are the ones that set the tax rate, can keep this from happening. 
“Property taxes are out of control, and inflation is making it harder to pay them. I oppose property taxes and want to replace them so Texans can finally own their own homes," said Harrison.

"Until then, I’m committed to lowering their burden and am encouraging officials who have the power to keep property taxes from going up, to do so.

"If they want to raise taxes, they should let their citizens vote on it.

"Texans need tax cuts, not tax hikes.  A vote for any rate higher than the ‘no-new-revenue’ rate is a vote to increase taxes,” said State Rep. Harrison


According to the Texas Comptroller, “The no-new-revenue tax rate enables the public to evaluate the relationship between taxes for the prior year and for the current year, based on a tax rate that would produce the same amount of taxes if applied to the same properties taxed in both years.” 

While property owners in Ellis and Henderson Counties have received the appraised value of their property, and seen dramatic increases in this value, the tax they will owe on the property is not yet determined. 

Appraisal districts do not determine how much a property tax bill will be.  It is up to the local taxing entities – such as school boards and city councils – to set the tax rate.

These entities have the option of adopting the “no-new-revenue” tax rate which will provide much needed economic relief to constituents in HD-10.

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