Cong. Gonzales: 'Joe Biden has Lied to me for the Last Time' – Stop 'Sanctuary Cities' from Shielding Illegal Immigrants

"Due to your unlawful abuse of 'Catch & Release' policies, criminal aliens are being set free onto our streets – only to be protected by 'Sanctuary Cities' that have no regard for our Federal Laws."

WASHINGTON, D.C. (Texas Insider Report) — “We are especially concerned by the willful failure of 'sanctuary cities' to hold criminal noncitizens in custody – after Federal Law Enforcement has issued detainers for their arrest," said Congressman Tony Gonzales (TX-23,) leading a letter co-signed by 22 of his House Republican colleagues in Congress to urge the Biden Administration to force "Sanctuary Cities" to cooperate with the nation's Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials and discourage sanctuary cities from providing any form of safe refuge for illegal immigrants who have committed criminal acts.
"This refusal has on various occasions led to the release of violent offenders into American Communities, posing a direct threat to public safety.

"We are asking you to take aggressive action to end the abuse of our nation’s border laws and discourage sanctuary cities from providing safe harbor to violent criminals who have entered our country illegally,” Cong. Gonzales penned in the letter.

“Our nation was devastated by the horrific death of Laken Riley, a nursing student from Augusta University, who was murdered by an illegal alien from Venezuela. Laken’s perpetrator had previously been arrested in New York City – only to be released by local authorities despite a detainer being issued against him," continued the Congressmen's letter
"Due to your administration’s unlawful abuse of 'Catch-and-Release' policies, criminal aliens are being set free onto our streets – only to be protected by sanctuary cities that have no regard for our federal laws.

"Your administration has recently called for localities across the country to cooperate with ICE in turning over criminal noncitizens for deportation. Now we urge you to act on these demands and ensure that sanctuary cities cooperate—our national security depends on it.”

"In addition, we request answers to the following questions by March 22, 2024:

1.)  ICE has reported more than 7 million cases on ERO’s docket as of Feb. 2024—
a.  How many of them are noncitizens who have been charged by a municipality?
b.  How many of them are noncitizens who have been convicted of a crime and released into communities?
c.  What is ERO’s current capacity for holding noncitizens in custody?
2.)  For Fiscal Years 2021-2024TD, how many immigration detainers have been issued but were declined by local jurisdictions?
a.  Among the number of detainers issued for the same fiscal period, how many individuals were eventually apprehended by deportation officers after they were released into communities?
3.)  What policies or initiatives does the Department of Homeland Security, or the Department of Justice currently have in place to encourage immigration enforcement cooperation with state and local jurisdictions?

"We appreciate your prompt attention and look forward to your response," ended Congressman Gonzales's letter, which was co-signed by the following 22 members of Congress serving in the U.S. House of Representatives:
  1.  Dan Crenshaw (TX-02)
  2.  Lori Chavez-DeRemer (OR-05)
  3.  Anthony D’Esposito (NY-04)
  4.  Byron Donalds (FL-19)
  5.  Chuck Edwards (NC-11)
  6.  Randy Feenstra (IA-04)
  7.  Scott Franklin (FL-18)
  8.  Carlos Gimenez (FL-28)
  9.  Garret Graves (LA-06)
  10.  Michael Guest (MS-03)
  11.  Andy Harris (MD-01)
  12.  Diana Harshbarger (TN-01)
  13.  Ashley Hinson (IA-02)
  14.  Nancy Mace (SC-01)
  15.  Nicole Malliotakis (NY-11)
  16.  James Moylan (Guam-AL)
  17.  Ralph Norman (SC-05)
  18.  Jay Obernotle (CA-23)
  19.  John Rose (TN-06)
  20.  John Rutherford (FL-05)
  21.  Bruce Westerman (AR-04), and
  22.  Brandon Williams (NY-22)
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