HUNTER: Republicans Should Smear Biden's Failures Over Every Democrat in the Land

Start making the case now – so whatever happens this fall is even bigger than it otherwise would’ve been

By Derek Hunter

There's no doubt things are looking very good for Republicans this fall. The Biden White House is a gumbo of incompetence and senility that makes the maiden voyage of the Titanic look like a smashing success. Republicans have successfully pointed out his failings to the point that even Democrats have turned on him. Now it’s time to smear the failure of Joe Biden all over every Democrat out there.
The Biden Administration’s failures are not unique to just Joe Biden – they're the only result the can be expected of the embrace of "Socialist-Democrat Progressive" policies.

I'm concerned the focus on Mr. Biden – while understandable – is not helpful when it comes to the election.

Voters have to be shown that it’s not just Biden’s ideas and leadership that have created record inflation – a baby formula shortage, rising crime sweeping the nation, ever higher gas prices, etc. – it’s the Democrat Party’s ideas.

Biden just happens to be the person implementing them, any other Democrat would be just as bad, ALL Democrats ARE just as bad.

Replacing someone incompetent (who has horrible policies) with someone else incompetent (with the same horrible policy ideas) will bring about the same result. It’s the policies, not the person.

Joe Biden is wildly unpopular, with truly “historic” disapproval ratings. But he’s not on the ballot this November.

The way Republicans so tainted the label “liberals” from Michael Dukakis in 1988 to Bill Clinton until winning Congress in 1994, they need to do the same to both “progressive” and “Democrat.”
It’s not just Joe Biden’s policies that are causing inflation, it’s progressive Democrat policies causing inflation.

It’s not Joe Biden’s destruction of the oil and gas industry causing record gas prices. It’s progressive Democrat policies causing record gas prices.

The whole party – the whole movement – is responsible.

If somehow Pete Buttigieg, Elizabeth Warren or any of the other lunatics who ran in their primary had been elected on 2020 what would be different? Even Bernie Sanders wouldn’t be worse because the whole progressive agenda is set by him and followed by everyone else.

They’re doing Bernie’s bidding.

What's scary is that exactly none of these people have changed a damn thing about the shortcomings of what they advocate as it has been implemented and is actively harming Americans. They simply don’t care.

They are all still pushing for the “Build Back Better” agenda of printing trillions more dollars to advance more government control over our lives. How does tripling down on inflationary policies going to fight inflation? It’s not going to, and they don’t care that it won’t. In order to “fundamentally transform” the economy, capitalism has to be destroyed.

Americans will never accept socialism, at least not under normal circumstances. But if the economy were to collapse, or more accurately BE collapsed, the left will be able to “remake” it in a way they’ve begun to redefine as “justice” or “fair.” Who opposes fairness and justice?

This is why the left’s war on words is so important. If they’re able to redefine basic terms everyone understands – women, for example – and govern how everyone else is allowed to talk about issues, you can control everything.

That’s what the progressive left is trying to do, and it is why things are such a mess in this country right now. It’s not just Joe Biden; every Democrat is complicit and needs the same stains on them. That’s not currently the case.

In their piece on how wildly unpopular the President is even among his own party members, the New York Times notes,
“In saying they wanted a different nominee in 2024, Democrats cited a variety of reasons, with the most in an open-ended question citing his age (33%), followed closely by unhappiness with how he is doing the job.

"About 1-in-8 Democrats just said that they wanted someone new, and 1-in-10 said he was not progressive enough.

"Smaller fractions expressed doubts about his ability to win and his mental acuity.”

The failures of left-wing policies, at least as of now, are seen as largely the failures of Joe Biden, even among nominal Democrats. Republicans need to change that before November and they need to start now.

Joe Biden isn’t on the ballot, his policies are.

In the form of everyone running this year with a (D) after their name, the Biden agenda is up for a vote.
  • High inflation is up for a vote.
  • Gas prices and dependence on foreign oil are up for a vote.
  • Skyrocketing violence is up for a vote.
  • Crime, education, racism, indoctrination and grooming are all on the ballot this November, even though Joe Biden’s name isn’t.
The GOP needs to start making that case now, so whatever happens this fall is even bigger than it otherwise would’ve been.

Derek Hunter is the host of a free daily podcast (subscribe!), host of a Daily Nationally Syndicated Radio Show, and author of the book, Outrage, INC., which exposes how liberals use fear and hatred to manipulate the masses, and host of the weekly “Week in F*cking Review” podcast where the news is spoken about the way it deserves to be. Follow him on Twitter at @DerekAHunter.