CONG. WILLIAMS: Americans Must Ask Themselves – Are You Better Off Today than You Were Two Years Ago?

Republicans are Best Bet to Restore America

By Congressman Roger Williams

Texas Insider Report: AUSTIN, Texas For too long, the American people have dealt with liberal policies destroying their freedoms, safety, and economic security. Republicans have a plan for a new direction for the country and are the best bet to fix the disasters created under the one-party Democrat rule in Washington.

In a Republican majority, we will bring forward solutions that:
  • Secures the Border
  • Curbs Wasteful Spending
  • Supports Main Street America, and
  • puts America’s best interests first
  • Our plan creates a new future and restores a government that is "For the People, By the People"
In under two years, President Biden has created crisis after crisis, and Republicans are ready to turn these disasters around. From workers’ wages being outpaced by record high inflation, families paying high prices for groceries and gas, job creators unable to find workers, and senior citizens dipping into their 401k, hardworking low- and middle- income families have been devastated by the policies of the Biden Administration.

The Republican party knows these are real issues Americans need solutions to, not more Democrat talking points and excuses about their failed policies.
President Biden knows no bounds when it comes to delivering pain to taxpayers. He continues to double down with his super-sized big government approach and an executive order signing spree that are costing Americans $1.5 trillion with no accountability or oversight.

From his now scaled back effort to cancel student loan debt, depleting our emergency strategic petroleum reserve, unconstitutionally trying to force private businesses to require a vaccine, and advancing a pro-abortion agenda at the expense of taxpayer dollars, this executive overreach will no longer go unchecked with a Republican majority come January.

Two years of this kind of chaos is not sustainable and we are ready to bring accountability to the Administration’s socialist spending agenda.

Republicans know the greatest asset our country has is the American people – not the government – and it is past time we put an end to Democrats’ big government approach and give power back to the people.

Americans cannot afford two more years of Democrats in power and Republicans are committed to making life more affordable, prosperous, and free for all.

When asking what kind of future do they want for this country, Americans must ask themselves – are they better off now than they were two years ago?

In God we trust.

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