HUNTER: Smartest Thing Republican Governors Ever Did? Load Up Buses & Give Leftists Mayors a Dose of Their Own Medicine

Destroying Red States is something Democrats revel in, but they didn’t count on the Governors of those states sharing the misery with its cheerleaders
By Derek Hunter
The Mayor of New York City can regularly be heard complaining about the strain placed on his city by the flood of illegal aliens shipped to the sanctuary city by red state Governors. Now the city of Chicago is joining the chorus of Democrat-run localities that advocate for open borders that are now choking on their wish. While it’s fun to watch, it is damaging to America. As such, it’s time to shut down the border until those charged with securing it can put a plan in place to actually do just that. 

Honestly, the Biden administration had no intention of securing the border. Flooding the country with illegal aliens straining state and local budgets is part of the plan – you can’t “fundamentally transform” something working, there’d be no point or appetite for it. Democrats need to overwhelm people and governments, as well as completely crumble the current system in order to sell people on the idea that something “new” is needed.

Of course, that “new” is the old tropes and policies leftists have been imposing and failing at for more than a century, but you can’t create a hellish Utopia without breaking a few eggs (or killing 100 million people, as the case may be). 

That plan to transform the United States into something it not only has never been, but was expressly never intended to be can only work if what exists now is destroyed. Progressives won’t say they’re trying to destroy it – they’re evil, not stupid – but their actions are unambiguous.

They need society to have problems, to suffer collapse in many areas so they can offer the fundamental change for which there is no appetite currently. 

If things get bad enough, however, and the fault for that failure is not directly connected to their policies (they do control the media, which they took over for a reason), they can offer “fixes” for what people are suffering from. Never mind the fact that people are suffering from the failures of liberal policies – the gist of their argument over the last few decades has basically been “Big government is failing, and the only way to fix it is bigger government.”

That argument makes zero sense, but you’d have to think about it to realize that. The education system hasn’t been training people to think for a couple of generations now…

An open border is key to crippling city and state budgets. When you flood an area with people who contribute almost nothing – and we need to be honest, people without an ability to speak the language, who are likely illiterate in their own language, are not going to be a boon to the economy – already strained budgets start to buckle. 

A recent report out of Chicago put it this way,
“More than 8,100 people, most of them (illegal aliens) from Central and South America, have arrived in Chicago since Aug. 31st when Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott sent the first bus of migrants to Chicago, according to a letter Mayor Lori Lightfoot sent to the City Council Friday, acknowledging that once again the city’s shelter system is bursting at the seams.” 

If a city of 2.6 million people can’t handle an influx of 8,100 over the course of 8 months, how can a city of a few thousand be expected to absorb that many over the course of a week?

That’s what is happening in Texas and other border states on a regular basis, which Democrats are fine with.

Destroying red states is something they’d revel in, but they didn’t count on those Governors sharing the misery with its cheerleaders – Dr. Frankenstein never enjoys his monster coming back to the castle.

The smartest thing Republican Governors ever did was load up those buses with illegals, giving leftists a big dose of their own medicine.

They can’t handle it, and they’ll collapse long before the places Democrats were hoping would go first. 

But collapse anywhere is not good for everywhere, so the only option is to shut it down. There is no humanitarian crisis or war the people flooding the border are fleeing, therefore there is no legitimate claim for asylum from any of them (besides, if there were they could’ve claimed it in any of the safe countries they walked through to get here). Stopping everyone, and immediately turning back anyone who is caught marching over the border, will allow the border patrol to get on top of the mess Democrats created. 

Leftists have a mantra about the need for “comprehensive immigration reform” being needed because “our immigration system is broken.” We don’t need a new system; our system is NOT broken – the people running it are refusing to administer it in its entirety.

You can’t enforce only parts of a system, and expect the whole thing to work anymore than you can rip out pieces of an engine and expect your car to run smoothly.

Since leftist politicians won’t acknowledge this, Republican Governors are making them take a big dose of their own medicine.

If Democrats won’t shut it down, shut them down. 

Derek Hunter is the host of a free daily podcast (subscribe!) and author of the book, Outrage, INC., which exposes how liberals use fear and hatred to manipulate the masses. Follow him on Twitter at @DerekAHunter.