Sid Miller: Its going to be a good election here in Texas... Donald Trumpll win by double digits here in Texas.

I dont think its Bernies supporters that are excited about coming out for Hillary. I dont think its Barack Obamas supporters coming out for Hillary. I think its the untapped masses out there that have never have registered to vote or if they have its been 8-or-10 elections and theyre not in the polls. Texas Insider Report: AUSTIN Texas The polls are wrong Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller told the Fox & Friends hosts early Sunday morning. Theyre over-sampling democrats from 8-to-16 theyre over-sampling women 5-to-8 and of course theyre under-sampling republicans. But theres 20-to-25 of the electorate that have never voted before and these are all Donald Trump fans. Theres really not anybody in Texas thats in the middle of the road. You know in Texas we have a saying that the only things you find in the middle of the road are yellow stripes and dead armadillos. So theyre coming out for Trump said Miller. millersidfoxnewsmorningshow10-30-16b They want somebody that will drain the swamp that will clean out Washington D.C. and have a fresh approach. They want someone wholl not be beholden to the lobbyists special interests & Wall Street. Someone that the establishment doesnt own and I think the American People are ready for that" said Miller. Miller told the Fox & Friends hosts that he believes Trump will carry Texas by double-digits.
You know Ive been involved some in the Get Out the Vote effort and its nothing unusual or extraordinary (this year). Ive been through several elections down here and its the typical get out the vote effort. Ive traveled the state with the Victory Team... but its not that. Its the Donald Trump phenomenon. Its going to be a good election here in Texas its not close I know what the polls say but Donald Trumpll win by double digits here in Texas. You know I guess tomorrows halloween and theres nothing more haunting than the thought of Hillary Clinton in the White House. Down here in Texas just cant stand the thought of that.
Later in the day Sunday Miller Facebooked and Tweeted his thoughts on his appearance that morning.

Friends I was up bright and early today in Austin to appear on this mornings edition of Fox & Friends with Tucker Carlson and Abby Huntsman on the #FoxNewsChannel. I spoke about the attempts by many in the media to say that Texas has somehow turned into a battleground state. I set the record straight and explained how our historically large early voter turnout is good news for #DonaldTrump as previously disengaged and disenfranchised voters are heading to the polls imillersidfoxnewsmorningshow10-30-16n the Lone Star state in record numbers because they are disgusted with politics as usual and see Mr. Trump as a change agent who will disrupt the status quo and help #DrainTheSwamp. If you missed this mornings show you can catch it here.

I had to be at the studio at the crack of dawn in order to go LIVE on this Sunday mornings edition of Fox and Friends. Even though I was a bit tuckered out from my trip to Canda for the Tri-National Agricultural Accord meetings I will never not the answer the call to support #DonaldTrump and set the record straight about silly reports that Texas is somehow turning pink. I am pleased to report that the Lone Star State is as RED as ever and voters are going to the polls in mass to vote against #CrookedHillary and to to help make Donald Trump our 45th President of the United States.

Later in the day as candidate Trump had been campaigning in the swing state of Nevada Miller was recognized by Trump for his comments earlier in the day. Said Trump:
There was a great guy that was just on television that Ive got to tell you about. His name is Sid Miller from Texas. He was on Fox News this morning a lot of you saw him and he saidYou know these New Yorkers have it all wrong. Hes from Texas wearing a big white cowboy hat smart guy. He said You know in Texas I keep reading where the polls are (almost) even and I dont think so because I see the enthusiasm (for Trump.) He said Ive got to tell you weve had more people voting that weve ever had in an election theyre coming from all over theyre people who havent voted before or in a long time some 20 year. But Sid Miller said Weve never had anything like this its (early voting) is 50 higher than its ever been before in Texas and were going to win. Trumps going to win by bigger numbers than weve ever seen" Trump said of Millers comments.
To which Miller responded: I was honored to get a big shout out from #DonaldTrump just a few minutes ago at his huge rally in Las Vegas. He watched my interview this morning on Fox and Friends and he liked what I said.  
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