CONG. WEBER: Southeast Texas Supplied Our Allies & World with LNG - Until a Biden Decision

Every day Joe Biden’s Export Ban continues, we will continue to lose markets – and signal to our allies we're no longer a dependable partner

By Congressman Randy Weber

Texas Insider Report: (WASHINGTON, D.C.) – Southeast Texas is the Energy Capital of the World. We are the hub for major segments of the energy industry: primarily Transmission, and Refining. And now, we are also leading the way in exporting.

The shale revolution significantly increased natural gas production in the United States and allowed for a revolution in the Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Industry. The revolution has led to companies building LNG terminals along the Gulf Coast to export LNG to our allies.

Today Texas exports more natural gas by pipeline to Mexico – and other countries around the globe via ships loaded at LNG terminals along the Texas Gulf Coast in Freeport and Corpus Christi – and soon we will be exporting from Port Arthur as well.
In January, President Biden decided to stop approving new LNG exports. This decision will harm the American economy, jeopardize good-paying jobs, weaken our energy security, and threaten the security of our friends and allies.

We know this to be true for Southeast Texas.

This decision will jeopardize 1,000s of jobs, cost local businesses billions of dollars from investments in LNG facilities, and disincentivize young workers from pursuing their careers in LNG. Port Arthur LNG’s Phase Two project to help meet future demands for American LNG supplies destined for European, Asian, and other global markets will be impacted by Biden’s decision.

U.S. LNG has been a lifeline to Europe ever since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. It has helped reduce natural gas prices in Europe by over 83% from 2022 levels following Russia’s invasion.
Every single day that Joe Biden’s LNG Export Ban continues, we will continue to lose markets to other countries – most likely countries that don’t produce LNG as clear and more efficient than the United States.

Specifically, it will destabilize Europe’s energy market – and signal to our allies that we are no longer a dependable partner.

Instead of shutting down American energy, we should double down and ensure energy security for us and our allies.

Shutting down American LNG has real implications that need to be highlighted. This decision will:
  • Cause real jobs to be collateral damage
  • Hinder communities’ economic development, and
  • Make our allies more reliant on Russia.
Next week, the U.S. House Energy & Commerce Subcommittee on Energy, Climate & Grid Security – on which I am proud to serve – will head down to Southeast Texas to see firsthand the importance of U.S. LNG exports to local communities, the U.S. economy, and the security of our allies.
Congressman Randy Weber represents the 14th District of Texas, which includes Freeport LNG, Golden Pass LNG, and Port Arthur LNG. He serves on the House Energy & Commerce Committee, which has the broadest jurisdiction of any legislative committee in Congress, as well as on the House Science Space & Technology Committee, which has jurisdiction over the Department of Energy's, and the EPA's (Environmental Protection Agency) Energy Research & Development Programs, including all Environmental Standards and Research Programs.

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