State Rep. Paul Workman: Well be Working Hard Next Session to Undo Things & Tell the City of Austin Stay Out of Private Businesses Affairs!

Paid Time-Off Fair-Chance Hiring Predictive Scheduling and Expedited Permitting are just the latest in a series of ordinances width=374Texas Insider Report: AUSTIN Texas  Paid Sick-Leave should really be more accurately described as Paid Time-Off because you dont really have to be sick and you really dont have to prove that youre ill. So well be working very hard this next Legislative Session in January to undo these things and tell the City of Austin Stay out of private businesses affairs! said State Rep. Paul Workman as he joined Jim Cardle to talk about Austins latest Socialist Policies Texas Transportation & School Safety Issues during the weekly Texas Insider Radio Show featured on Austins Right Choice Talk 1370-AM. audio mp3= One of the biggest problems Ive heard about Paid Time-Off or Fair-Chance Hiring and Expedited Permitting is that its just the latest in a series of ordinances the City of Austin has rushed through and they dont want to hear from all sides. Thats a fair and big complaint from the business community especially regarding the Paid Time-Off Ordinance" said Workman. And we know theyre also talking about a Predictive Scheduling Ordinance that would tell an employer that you have to guarantee where your employee is going to be for two weeks out and if you dont youve got to pay a penalty or you could be subject to the EEOC of Austin penalties. Imagine if youre a lawn service company or an air-conditioning repair company? Workman asked. Its impractical but it is something theyre working on  Workman said. width=150Its liberal socialistic ideas like these thatre being rushed through Austin City Council and forced on the businesses of this community and theyre rushing them through because they know theyd get a lot of resistance if they let it get out. So well be working very hard this next Session of the Legislature in January to undo things and to tell the City of Austin Stay out of private businesses affairs!  Workman said providing some insight into the upcoming 2019 Legislative Session. Municipalities have no business trying to tell private sector employers how to hire people how to compensate people or any of that. The free market will to that in a much better way than the heavy hand of government Workman said.
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