STARNES: Oh Boy – Woke Tennessee School District Wants to Rename 'Good Friday'

By Todd Starnes

There’s a big culture war battle being waged in my town – Germantown, Tennessee. The school board is considering a change to the calendar that would rename Good Friday and Easter Monday.

Woke members of the school board want to call the days off – “Spring Holiday.”

As I wrote in Twilight's Last Gleaming, I'm not terribly surprised that the war against traditional values is being waged in the South.

Dr. Daniel Chatham, a new board member, pushed back against the change.

"I think the change at minimum is going to be a frustration to a lot of families, myself included, and possibly more of a frustration to others," he said during the meeting. "I feel like it sends a message that we don't necessarily need to send."

Board member Amy Eoff pushed back and said there were some families in Germantown that did not celebrate the holidays.
"I think it's in respect to those that don't celebrate," she said, while admitting that most families in the district are in fact Christian and do celebrate Good Friday.

Local residents weighed in on KWAM's "Wake Up Memphis With Ben Deeter" program, and most sided with Chatham.

"You can’t just make up new names for people’s religious holidays," one listener said. "Who do they think they are?"

"The war against Christianity and traditional American values is alive and well in City of Germantown, Tennessee Government," said conservative activist Justin Johnson. "Could you ever think of changing the name of any other religious holiday?"

Carrie Schween, a conservative who ran for school board in Germantown, urged voters to pay close attention to which board members vote in favor of removing Good Friday.

"How does the systemic removal of God from all aspects of our schools make us stronger," she wrote on Facebook. "Days like Good Friday are reminders that God must be part of the equation for our schools and students to reach their potential."

"So whose interest would this action serve? Simple. It is the loud voices on the left and the woke mob who would entirely remove God from society. The results of their intentions are easy to see — just look around the country at all the failing schools. And then ask yourself whether this decision is another step towards making our schools better, or making them more like those failures," she said.

In recent months Germantown has been embroiled in controversy – allegations of grooming and promoting the transgender movement.

A boy in a dress was allowed to parade around the football field during homecoming.

All signs that San Francisco values are encroaching on the Bible Belt, much like what happened in Loudon County, Virginia.

But Germantown is not Loudon County, Virginia. We do not want San Francisco values in our town. But the only way to make sure that does not happen is for every taxpayer to show up at the next school board meeting and stand their ground.

Voting is a privilege reserved for citizens. Once immigrants follow the law, become naturalized and swear loyalty to this nation and its Constitution, they should be entitled to vote.

Not before.

Todd Starnes is a best-selling author and award-winning journalist. His 12 noon - 3 p.m. Radio Show is syndicated to hundreds of stations around the nation. He’s also the owner of KWAM News Radio in Memphis. His website is