Texas Alliance of Energy Producers Taps Cye Wagner as 1st Woman Board Chair, Jason Modglin as new President

“Folks need to know the oil & gas industry is critical to modern life – we're even providing Personal Protective Equipment like plastic face shields, plastic gloves, and the gowns worn in hospitals to fight the CoronaVirus."

AUSTIN, Texas (Texas Insider Report) — Boosting its legislative advocacy powers during historic times, the Texas Alliance of Energy Producers recently named Jason Modglin (at right,) as its new President, after earlier electing Cye Wagner (above,) as the new chair of the Alliance's Board of Directors. An operator and petroleum engineer, Wagner becomes the first woman to serve as board chair in the association’s 90-year history.

Wagner is currently an executive with Cooper Oil & Gas, a Ft. Worth, Texas-based exploration and production business, from which she brings unique industry perspective and expertise to as a second generation operator of the 40-year-old family business. She has 10 years experience overseeing the company's exploration, accounting, human resources, and regulatory departments, and previously worked as a completions and production engineer for EOG Resources.

In her role as Board Chair, Wagner will support the Alliance's mission to effectively represent the Texas Oil & Gas Industry, in particular the interests of smaller independent oil and gas companies.

"The Alliance is an industry stalwart with a proven legislative and regulatory track record over nine decades," said Wagner.

"I've seen firsthand how much value the Alliance brings to our membership, and to the Texas energy industry as well. I am honored to represent the Alliance and its members as Board Chair during this difficult time for our industry, which is so vital to America's economic and national security," she said.

Wagner and the Alliance's staff are currently working on solutions to ease the industry' financial burdens in the midst of an economic hibernation brought about by the CoronaVirus pandemic. Along with the state's other major trade associations, the Alliance is leading the Blue Ribbon Task Force for Oil Economic Recovery formed by Texas Railroad Commission (RRC) Chairman Wayne Christian.

Modglin brings a wealth of regulatory and legislative experience to the position, having been at the forefront of the most pressing oil and natural gas policy issues facing Texas, and the nation for the past decade. He comes to the Alliance from the Texas Railroad Commission, where he served as Director of Public Affairs for Commissioner (and previous chairman) Christi Craddick. Prior to the Railroad Commission, Modglin served as chief of staff for Texas House Energy Resources Committee Chairman Drew Darby, and has previously served as a policy analyst for then-Texas Agriculture Commissioner Todd Staples.

“The Alliance membership forms the backbone of the Texas oil and gas industry, bringing a dynamism and entrepreneurial spirit that fuels not just our engines but also our quality of life and economy,” said Modglin.

“I'm honored to support their resiliency by joining the Alliance during this critical time, and expanding on the proven legislative and regulatory track record established by previous staff, the board, and past leadership.”
“Folks need to know that the oil & gas industry is critical to modern life – whether its providing things like PPE’s, Personal Protective Equipment like plastic face shields, plastic gloves, the gowns worn in hospitals.

"And even beyond that, think of the plastic in today’s cell phones, computers, even ink pens. That’s all due to by-products from the oil & gas industry,” said Modglin.
“We’re going to see lower Severance Tax Revenues coming into the state this year, along with lower Sales Taxes because of the economic decline. So there’s no doubt it’s going to be a tough Legislative Session in 2021,” Modglin told Insider’s Jim Cardle.

“And Severance Taxes flow into that crucial Economic Stabilization Fund known as ‘The Rainy Day Fund’ that’s allowed legislators to invest in Water Infrastructure, Roads Infrastructure, and last session into School Property Tax Relief.”

“Jason Modglin is an outstanding choice to lead the Alliance, and that’s why our board selected him unanimously,” said Wagner. “His knowledge of legislative and regulatory policy will be invaluable as we continue to make Texas the greatest environment for oil and gas production in the world.”

Wagner is a long-standing member of several industry organizations, including the Society of Petroleum Engineers, and the Independent Petroleum Association of America. She graduated from Texas A&M University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Petroleum Engineering and a minor in business.

 A native of Houston, Modglin holds a Master of Public Affairs degree from the Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs at the University of Texas at Austin, as well as a Bachelor of Arts degree from Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas.

Wagner and Modglin join Petroleum Economist & Executive Vice President Karr Ingham to round out the Alliance’s leadership.

Two additional Ft. Worth oilmen were also elected as board officers. Houston Sullivan, vice president of Double Eagle Energy Holdings III LLC, was elected to serve as the Vice Chairman of the Board. Marshall Tillman of Kornye-Tillman was elected as Board Secretary.

The Texas Alliance of Energy Producers, serving more than 3,000 members, is regarded as the nation's most knowledgeable and effective statewide oil and gas association, providing a strong voice for sound U.S. energy policy. These organization's members – from small industry particpants to publicly traded companies – have been a driving force behind the recent U.S. energy renaissance.

Founded in 1930, the Alliance has offices in Wichita Falls and Austin, Texas. For more information, visit TexasAlliance.org.