Texas Cong. Michael McCaul Champions COVID-19 Response for Those Most in Need

McCaul's bipartisan success story is already driving U.S. Government's multi-faceted approach to stabilizing conflict-affected areas

WASHINGTON, D.C. (Texas Insider Report) — In his work to address the long-term impacts of the COVID-19 CoronaVirus on a National & Global Basis – while championing important legislation to assist those most vulnerable to its impacts such as women, children and displaced individuals – Congressman Michael McCaul had an important article published earlier this week in the influential publication "The Hill" that follows his "Preventing Terrorism Abroad to Keep Americans Safe at Home" published by the Austin American-Statesman earlier in the year.

Both articles highlight the importance of the Global Fragility Act, which was signed into law last year.

The Global Fragility Act provides the tools to Address Long-Term Impacts of COVID-19

Last December, President Donald Trump signed the Global Fragility Act into law after McCaul joined House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Eliot Engel (D-NY, at right with McCaul,) as well as Senators Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and Chris Coons (D-Del) to champion this important legislation.

Today, the Global Fragility Act is providing the tools necessary to address the long-term impacts of the CoronaVirus.
This bipartisan success story is already driving the U.S. Government to take a more multi-faceted approach to stabilize conflict-affected areas by addressing the root causes of the fragility before a conflict arises.

And, the bill's enactment could not have come at a more important time. We are now dealing with a pandemic that has reached every corner of the world. The economic, political and physical ramifications of COVID-19 puts countries and regions that were already considered fragile, at risk of further destabilization.
  McCaul's Efforts to Prioritize Human Trafficking Survivors Leads to $35 Million in Direct Assistance

As many of his Texas Congressional District 10 constituents are aware, one of McCaul’s top priorities is to put an end to Human Trafficking. This includes giving a voice to the survivors of the practice's human tragedy.
Earlier this year Cong. McCaul introduced the LIFT Act, which would not only prevent human trafficking operations, but also give a voice to survivors by authorizing the U.S. Advisory Council on Human Trafficking until 2025.

As a result of McCaul's efforts, the Trump Administration and the U.S. Justice Department earlier this week announced their own assistance initiative with a $35 million Housing & Services Grant Program to aid human trafficking survivors.

Providing safe housing for survivors plays a significant role in their recovery, and is a key factor for their re-integration back in to society. Many who go without the proper shelter or services often fall prey to re-entering the human trafficking cycle.
  Reflecting on the El Paso Shooting 1 Year Later: How to Stop Violent Attacks

People across the country this week reflected on, and mourned the lives lost when 23 people were tragically shot and killed at a Walmart store in El Paso, Texas.

Shortly after the August 3, 2019 shootings, McCaul began crafting the Protecting America Through Information Sharing Act to empower the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to designate a clearinghouse responsible for receiving online threats of imminent violence from Social Media Companies, and disseminate them to appropriate law enforcement officials to halt such attacks before they happen.
"On that tragic day, an individual traveled to the city to invoke fear, anger and violence. However, this individual sorely underestimated the strength and resiliency of the El Paso Community," McCaul said.

"In the wake of tragedy, the community mourned the lives lost – but they also celebrated Acts of Bravery by local heroes. The statement “El Paso Strong” rang truer than ever.

"A year later, we remember those lost and recognize the strength of the community that still stands strong,” said McCaul.

Many tragic events like the one occurring in El Paso could be thwarted by Law Enforcement if they are properly notified of the imminent threats as they are posted on social media platforms.

“Directly after the El Paso shooting, I started to work with stakeholders on a solution to prevent such violence,” said McCaul. 

"Many incidents of violence over the past several years – including the El Paso shooting – could have been prevented if there was an efficient way to flag social media postings with the appropriate law enforcement agency, be it Federal, State, or Local. With this enhanced capability, our nation will be better equipped to not only thwart cowardice acts of terror, but also save lives.

“As we reflect on the one-year anniversary of the tragic El Paso shooting, we must not forget those who lost their lives," the Congressman said, noting that by solidifying a stronger partnership between social media companies and law enforcement, authorities can expedite the sharing of information and possibly intercept at-risk individuals before they carry out similar tragic events.
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