Texas Fighting Biden EPA Rules That Could Stifle State’s Vital Oil & Gas Industry

“The EPA’s overreaching methane rules and unrealistic timeline are yet another example of the Biden administration’s attempt to shut down the oil and gas industry in Texas.”

Texas Insider Report: AUSTIN, Texas –“The EPA’s overreaching methane rules and unrealistic timeline are yet another example of the Biden White House’s attempt to shut down the Oil & Gas Industry in Texas,” said Texas Railroad Commission Chairman Christi Craddick, as the Railroad Commission joined with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality to file comments earlier this week pushing back on the Environment Protection Agency’s (EPA) proposed supplemental rule to regulate methane and greenhouse gas emissions in the oil and gas industry.

At a time of escalating prices at the pump, inflation rising at rates not seen in over 40 years, and international conflicts rising around the globe, the United States cannot afford to clamp down on its most important oil and gas producing state, Craddick (right,) said.
“I stand with my fellow Railroad Commissioners and partners at the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality in opposition to this attack on the industry that provides so much to our state”

In the comments, the state expresses concerns that the proposed rule exceeds EPA’s statutory authority under the Clean Air Act and will significantly limit domestic energy supply.

Texas also commented that the proposal also lays out unrealistic assumptions and artificially high metrics to estimate the climate benefits of the rule, whereas in practice, the rule would place an unjustifiable burden on states and the energy industry for little real benefit to the global climate.

In addition, the RRC is concerned that EPA did not provide sufficient time for affected stakeholders to review and comment on the extreme breadth of its proposal. The proposed rule was published immediately before the holiday season, on December 6, 2022, amidst several other significant regulatory proposals. Despite receiving numerous requests to extend the comment period, EPA declined to provide additional time. 
“President Biden's EPA continues its relentless fight to shut down oil and gas. The EPA’s proposed rule on methane will make reliable energy scarcer and more expensive at a time when we desperately need more of it," said RRC Commissioner Wayne Christian (left.) 

"From killing the Keystone XL pipeline project, to freezing federal leasing, to supporting ESG, to implementing onerous regulations, Biden is why energy is so expensive.

"An unburdened and unleashed Texas oil and gas industry is the path to energy security –  we only need the administration to get out of the way!"

"If the EPA moves forward, it's imperative that Texas and other states challenge them in the court and those rules get thrown out," said Christian.

Added RRC Commissioner Jim Wright, “The EPA methane rule is yet another example of the Biden Administration saying one thing and doing another.”

“In his State of the Union remarks, President Biden placed special emphasis on the need to increase domestic manufacturing, lower utility bills, and create American jobs.  Unfortunately, the EPA’s methane rule will have the opposite effect.

"Not only does this rule threaten Texas energy production, it does so by disproportionately impacting small and medium producers who live and work in their community, buy supplies, hire locally, and are important contributors to their local economies,” said Wright (at right.)

The joint comments submitted by the Texas Railroad Commission and the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality can be found by clicking HERE.