Texas House Checking Off More Conservative Priorities

The Save Women’s Sports Act, or Senate Bill 15, ensures equality & opportunity security to Texas women in college-level athletics

From the Texas House Republican Caucus

Texas Insider Report: AUSTIN, Texas – The House deadline for 2nd Reading of House Bills and Joint Resolutions has come and gone and, this week, the House has focused its attention more on Senate Bills. While these bills originate in the Senate, many of our House Republicans are shepherding and championing these bills as they make their way through the House’s process. 

This week, our Capitol Report covers the critical priorities passed since last week’s deadline. Our Republican members proved they are ready to invest in Texas water development and infrastructure, deliver sustainable property tax relief, protect Texas children from irreversible gender modification, and save women’s sports in the Lone Star State.

Protecting Texas Children 
The Children’s Gender Protection Act (CGPA,) Senate Bill 14 by Rep. Tom Oliverson, is a compassionate solution that recognizes the continuing evolution of a child in adolescence. The CGPA Act passed the Texas House on Monday. 

This legislation provides a common-sense prohibition on medically unnecessary, irreversible gender modification therapies and medical procedures to alter a child’s gender before they are of legal adult age.

Investing In Texas Water 
Unmet water needs are expected to grow to over 4.7 million acre-feet by 2030. That’s approximately 27% of the total water usage in Texas in 2020. This week, Texas House Republicans made moves to address this growing problem so future generations do not have to.

On Wednesday, the House passed Senate Bill 28, which dedicates billions of dollars toward improving the state’s water infrastructure and security throughout the state. The bill creates the New Water for Texas Fund with the goal of bringing seven million-acre feet of new water into Texas by 2034, and establishes the Texas Water Fund to fund water or wastewater infrastructure projects, the statewide water public awareness program, and water conservation strategies. 

Save Women's Sports 
It’s not complicated – women deserve recognition on the field and the court.

The Save Women’s Sports Act, or Senate Bill 15, sponsored by Rep. Valoree Swanson, ensures equality and opportunity security to Texas women in college-level athletic programs. SB 15 will prevent biological males from endangering female athletes, taking girls' spots on teams, breaking girls' hard-earned records, and unfairly putting girls' athletic scholarships at risk.

The Save Women’s Sports Act was passed bythe Texas House!  

Largest Tax Cut In Texas History 
Texans deserve to keep more of their money in their pockets. This week, the Texas House will pass the largest property tax cut in Texas history. Senate Bill 3, sponsored by Rep. Morgan Meyer, limits ALL property appraisals to 5%, raises the homestead exemption to $100,000 for homeowners and $110,000 for seniors, and provides 15-cents of tax rate compression (on top of the 10-cent compression in the proposed state budget).

The new version of SB 3 delivers greater savings for Texas homeowners compared to any other proposed property tax relief plan considered on the House floor this session.

Texans can be assured relief is on the way!

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