The Democratic Party Needs To Be Destroyed Before It Destroys The Country

By Derek Hunter

There are no areas in which liberals progressives leftists socialists or whatever they want to call themselves this week are working for the betterment of American citizens or to advance the cause of individual liberty. Their entire existence appears to be just the opposite. Thats why they must be destroyed.

Rush Limbaugh if I remember correctly used to talk about wanting to keep a few liberals around so future generations could see that they were once real. That was in the 90s when they still had a grasp on reality. Seems quaint now.

Now its as if those liberals never existed. Nancy Pelosis city is overrun with feces and used hypodermic needles as illegal aliens flood her state. She doesnt see disaster or even a problem she sees what shed like to bring everywhere.

To that end Democrats are moving to destroy the ideas that make up America; everything that makes the United States worth defending.

Its not just the so-called Green New Deal" the Marxist dream packaged as the answer to imaginary problems and pushed by the buck-toothed bug-eyed Freshman Congresswoman from New York its every concept theyre advocating.

A concept like eliminating cow farts and planes would have been treated like the joke it is just 5 years ago now its gospel with millions of devotees. Monetary benefits for people unwilling to work" wouldve gotten a politician run out of town just as blatantly lying about it would have. Now a throne-sniffing media and presidential hopefuls treats its author like shes the giver of light and not the incompetent narcissist whos lucky breathing is a reflex because shed forget how to do it that it she is.

Democrats preach tolerance while celebrating the hatred of Israel. They award themselves the mantle of champions of women" while one of their own is credibly accused of rape. They actively cheer legalizing infanticide then deny the did it. They decry racism while backing off calls for the resignations of 2 statewide officials with a history of painting themselves in blackface.

Does anyone believe Ralph Northam was a dance contest champion for moonwalking with a little shoe polish on his cheeks? Does anyone believe Mark Herring was huge rap fan in 1980 while not living in New York City? Only the same people who believe Elizabeth Warren a woman so white her camouflage in a snow storm is nudity lost family members on the Trail of Tears. Which is to say no one.

Everything Democrats are is a lie everything the advocate for is cover for those lies. And everything they are pushing is the antithesis of what made this country the beacon of liberty for the world.

I dont know why they hate liberty I dont know why they seek to make this country like those people flee to come here I just know that they do. And I know they must be stopped.

But stopping them isnt an option; they cant be stopped. Theyre like the Terminator they will not stop. They can only be vanquished destroyed. And destroyed they must be.

Since there is unlikely to be an industrial sized hydraulic press in which to smash them destroying them is going to take a little more work. They have to be exposed.

We can no longer count on the insanity of their words and actions to turn people off. The Green New Deal" resolution read like an authoritarian kindergarteners letter to Santa Claus yet it was greeted by adults who should know better as important and serious. Were too far removed from the horrors of communism in the Cold War for those lessons to resonate with voters were too deep into an education system indoctrinating a generation into believing collectivism works and government is the only entity capable of delivering opportunity. Too many people believed elected leaders when they said the system was rigged against them that theres no point in trying.

Young people expect government to protect them to parent them to provide. Theyve been conditioned to despise success; envy and entitlement have supplanted the American Spirit. Liberalism has gone from being a contrary philosophy to being an evil.

Its not enough to beat it an election or two it must be thoroughly decimated. If it is not destroyed it will win. If it wins its over.

When addressing how to pay for the government assuming the role of providing so much in the name of saving the planet the Green New Deal" simply declares At the end of the day this is an investment in our economy that should grow our wealth as a nation so the question isnt how will we pay for it but what will we do with our new shared prosperity."

There is no lie too big to tell and no shortage of people conditioned and willing to believe it. You cant compromise with that you must destroy it before it destroys you.

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