The Evil Of The Democrat Party

By Derek Hunter

The city of Chicago might as well not exist to Democrats on the national stage. Yes, that party has ruled the city with an iron fist since 1931, and the dead there has a remarkable turnout rate for elections, but in Washington, DC, the city doesn’t exist. Joe Biden and the swamp gang don’t mention it because they’d have to acknowledge the piles of dead bodies the city racks up annually. While they’ll show up occasionally in the region for a photo-op, they won’t talk about the murders, the drugs, or the terror citizens there feel on a daily basis. It is, for lack of a more perfect word, evil.

Republicans have zero say over what happens in Chicago; everything terrible there is directly a result of liberal policies. All the blood spilled drips off the hands of Democrats. They know it; they don’t care. 

Why would they? What consequences have Democrats faced for their failure? In the last 92 years, there hasn’t been a blip on the radar of a threat to Democrats winning elections there, so why would anyone give a damn? The city had a chance to pull up, just a little, from its nosedive when they tossed out the incompetent Lori Lightfoot in the mayoral primary last year. But rather than go with a more sane option, they voted for someone even worse. The new Mayor gets more upset when someone refers to murderous goons as a mob than he does any of the murders in the city.

Why is anyone supposed to care if the people who live there don’t? If you continually vote for people who beat the hell out of you, why would people care that you’re regularly getting the hell beat out of you? 

Still, it’s an embarrassment to Democrats to see what Chicago has become. The same goes for Detroit, Baltimore, Philadelphia, St. Louis, and every other city controlled by Democrats for generations. Not all the crime, not all the death, the pointing out of the crime and the death by Republicans. That’s what Democrats are concerned with – the extent to which the white, suburban chardonnay-swilling soccer mom who votes blindly for Democrats become aware of the indifference with which the progressive power structure views human life and how those dots are connected in their heads between the violence and their “safe” lives. If those voters realize they aren’t more than a few election cycles away from their quiet slice of life being overrun by the same mentality, they might not slavishly vote and donate to Democrats.

These Democrats in power only care about anything to the extent that it can harm their electoral prospects. In these killing fields called cities, those electoral prospects are unburdened by responsibility – Democrats will continue to mine the votes of people who’d elected the morons they’ve elected to mayor’s offices in perpetuity. It’s the suburbs they’re afraid of losing. 

It tells you something that the left doesn’t care about all the murders. From “Black Lives Matter” to “Shut up about all the black people getting murdered by black people,” people don’t look to politicians for intellectual consistency. It’s one thing when the neighborhood liquor store or downtown shoe shop gets looted by a group of “teens,” it’s something else entirely when it hits their suburban salon or boutique of choice. 

The thought of that keeps Democrats up at night. The thought of that makes Democrats believers in walls, at least metaphorical ones enforced by culture and police. If that wall is breached… lookout.

In the meantime, Democrats have to do something, usually, the bare minimum, to pretend to care about the carnage they really only seek to contain. Which brings us back to Chicago.

In their latest attempt to put a Band-Aid on a bullet wound, the Democrats in the city are calling for a ceasefire…between the hours of 9 am and 9 pm. This, presumably, means it’s game on from dusk till dawn. It’s like holding “The Purge” every night, just as long a suburban Karen can make it home safely from her early dinner downtown. The people who live there…screw them.

It truly is evil. But to not practice evil, you have to view the people being harmed as, well, people. Then you’d have to care about them on top of it. Since the days of slavery, Democrats haven’t viewed black people as people. That’s an “I’m better than you" attitude, not one based on skin color, so the black leadership in the city carries it with them as well. 

As long as the violence can be maintained as a “made for TV event,” specifically made for Fox News, nothing will change because there’s no threat to Democrats. Scores of people will continue to die, children will continue to have their future set on fire by a failed education system, and Karen will still get her suburban mani-pedi with her morally superior future cirrhosis circle of friends while watching Bravo, utterly oblivious to the destruction in the wake of her voting habits. And Democrats will laugh all the way to the end. 
They’re going to be in for a rude awakening when they get to Hell. 

Derek Hunter is the host of a free daily podcast (subscribe!) and author of the book, Outrage, INC., which exposes how liberals use fear and hatred to manipulate the masses, and host of the weekly “Week in F*cking Review” podcast where the news is spoken about the way it deserves to be. Follow him on Twitter at @DerekAHunter.
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