THE EXPLAINER: Flaster Analyzes Texas Economy as Legislative Session Begins

Texas Insider Report: AUSTIN Texas The big thing going for Texas right now is that you have an economic dynamic that is continuing to sponsor growth throughout the state. The banks here are very aggressive right now and are seeking out opportunities to grow Texas Insider Economic Council Chairman Marc Flaster tells Insiders Jim Cardle.

Most importantly its a highly contagious environment to build says Flaster.

Lending activity has not only been profitable from developing loans but it has also been the most profitable thing going because the return from making loans was higher than anything else they were doing Flaster said.

And nationally I think what investors see is that weve had an activist president prior to Donald Trump who caused an interruption in growth and in some cases even caused some damage. But now what investors see is that you have another activist one thats on the other side of the spectrum whos trying to undo all that.

Now all those who carry a different liberal-progressive opinion and believe they need to reign him in the only way to reign in his agenda is to be an obstructionist and try to stop anything new says Flaster.

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