THE EXPLAINER: The Economy May Be Stronger than Reported says Flaster

Could bean-counters inability to measure accurate jobs strength impact future political elections?

AUSTIN Texas (Texas Insider Report) The newspapers may be chock-full of government collected jobs figures & employment data but people are working and earning a living these days in a manner thats outside the limits of the typical bean-counters said Texas Insiders Economic Council Chair Marc Flaster.

Theyre not necessarily employed by large companies or by a company that has to file a payroll report with the state or federal labor counters like they used to.

So you have what we all see as the reported level of jobs and employment in the nation but that doesnt mean the economy isnt supporting and employing a whole lot more people.

width=361And a lot of them are earning money at very high levels.

This is whats happening all across the nation and frankly its happening all across the economy its what I call Destructive Innovation said Flaster.

Its taking away the ability to accurately predict our economys strength and that could very easily have the potential to impact things like the nations political elections in the future" Flaster tells Insiders Jim Cardle.

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