The Process Is the Punishment: What We're Learning from the Progressive Left

Democrats & the media that controls them want to punish Trump for winning – and Americans for voting for him

By Libby Emmons

To our new regime, creative memes against Hillary Clinton in 2016 are and were "election interference" – but arresting your opposition’s leading candidate is not.

Biden has "no comment" about the bogus indictment. Nancy Pelosi remarked that Trump will have a chance to "prove his innocence," which shows that for Democrats, Trump's guilt is a foregone conclusion – and there will be no real due process.

This is a show trial.

Douglass Mackey was convicted of "election interference" for making memes. Alvin Bragg is interfering in the 2024 presidential election by indicting the leading opposition candidate on bogus charges.
Mackey posted memes leading up to the 2016 election – joking that Hillary voters should text their vote instead of showing up at the polls.

faces prison, while Bragg is celebrated by media pundits and his Democrat cronies for targeting the man they all fear.

Mackey wasn't the only one to post memes suggesting that supporters of the opposing party's candidate text their vote instead of showing up at the polls. Clinton supporters did this too! Yet they are free from prosecution.
SHOW TRIAL USA: To our new regime, memes are ‘election interference’ but arresting your opposition’s leading candidate is not

Just as Mackey's was, where witness intimidation by far-left reporters went unchallenged and the prosecution could produce no evidence of guilt, this is a show trial..

The only reason Mackey was prosecuted was because he made jokes about Hillary Clinton voters – and Trump won.

If Trump had not won, Mackey would not have been fingered by the DOJ as a problem – and his free speech rights would have remained unobstructed.

That Mackey was arrested, tried and convicted for stating opposition to the Democrat's candidate is an absolute horror, and represents a huge decline in the value of American's rights.

The Department of Justice could not produce a single victim of his alleged crime, could not find a single person who was fooled by Mackey's jokes into throwing their vote away on a text message.

Not one.

For this, he faces 10 years in prison.

Mackey exercised his free speech rights, joking around about the establishment progressive Democrats' leading presidential candidate, suggesting that those who intended to vote for Hillary Clinton were accustomed to doing what they are told.

The Department of Justice convicting Mackey is no better than the Chinese Communist Party arresting a woman in Hong Kong for speaking out against their authoritarian practices. Its no better than Stalin, Lenin, Mao or Pol Pot targeting citizens who disagree with their regimes.

Mackey faces 10 years in prison for a joke.

Bragg is going after Trump to try to prevent him from serving a second term as president.

Bragg, Democrats, and media want to punish Trump for winning, and to punish Americans for voting for him. They have tried everything. The House impeached him twice – both times based on false information – Biden's DOJ, the same one that prosecuted Mackey, raided Trump's home in search of classified documents and found nothing on which they could prosecute Trump.

Despite endless attempts over the past 7 years, the best they could come up with is the allegation that he paid off a porn star to not disclose that they slept together, and then to say that this pay off in some way helped his campaign. There is no reason to believe that Trump's supporters would hold past indiscretions against him in the first place, never mind that hearing about those indiscretions would make them vote for Hillary.

Mackey's conviction shows that free speech only applies if you don't disrupt the power elite from their games.

Trump's indictment shows the same thing.

If Trump had not won the 2016 presidential election and served as president – if he were not running again – Bragg's indictment would never have come to pass. Bragg wouldn't have ran on a campaign of going after Trump or worked so hard to come up with the mildest of accusations only to blow it into a felonious case.

Democrats don't care at all that Hillary Clinton and the DNC were charged with the same misdemeanor of falsifying records by claiming that money paid to an opposition research firm were legal fees. This despite Clinton's payments having resulted in false documents that were then used to impeach Trump, which claimed that Trump had conspired with Russia to steal the 2016 election.

Clinton and the DNC paid a collected $113,000 for literally paying to create a fake dossier to discredit Trump. They interfered with the election. They were slapped with a fine.

What we are learning from the progressive left, the Biden White House, the Democrats and their ideologically captured institutions, is that Americans who don't speak the words they are told, who don't follow the orders that are received, are not entitled to have their rights protected.

If Mackey has no rights to free speech – and Trump has no right to be free from frivolous prosecution – neither do any of us.

Libby Emmons is Editor-In-Chief for The Post Millennial. She has been published in the New York Post, The Federalist, and others. Follow her @libbyemmons