The Squad: 8 Dallas Women Talk About the Democrat Partys 4-Women of Color Problem

Im a brown skinned woman. Im a legal immigrant. I agree with him (President Trump) said Sharon Bolan.


WASHINGTON D.C. (Texas Insider Report) They call themselves The Squad and theyre made up of four far-left Democrat Congresswomen who emphasize they are women of color.

Leave it to 8 Dallas women to summarize how Americans feel about the Democrat Partys and particularly House Speaker Nancy Pelosis latest crisis management problem.

The Squads sudden rise in visibility as well as their radical positions on a widespread series of issues polls show are at odds with most Americans beliefs from calling for the elimination of ICE (Immigration & Customs Enforcement) and the Department of Homeland Security agencies to implying that Speaker Nancy Pelosi is a racist and equating the detention centers on the nations southwest border to murderous Concentration Camps for Jews in Nazi German have Democrats nationwide in crisis mode scrambling to figure out how to respond as a party.

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He (President Trump) was saying If they hate America so much because what were seeing from them and hearing from them is they hate America if its so bad theres a lot of places they can go said Dallas Republican Dena Miller during a CNN Anderson Cooper 360 segment Wednesday evening.

Why are they (The Squad") not the racists? Why havent they befriended one of their white female Congresswoman colleagues and let her join?

They dont like white people come on! Theyre the racists said Miller.


Its idiotic what theyre saying so it doesnt matter whether theyre black man woman brown or yellow or anything else said one of the women.

Its a demonstration of how their (the 4 women of color who make up The Squad) ideology spills over even though theyre Americans now so to speak theyre not acting American said Kathleen Lieberman (left.)

Im glad the president said what he said because all theyre doing is inciting hatred and division and thats not what our county is about. Its not about that at all said Gina OBriant.

He dated a black woman for two years two of his wives are immigrants. He is not a xenophobic racist said OBriant.

Whoever writes these questions up its clear that theyre manipulative to accuse. When you ask Dont you think hes a racist? youre accusing us youre accusing him. It has nothing to do with the real issues added Lieberman.

We know the presidents not racist. He loves people from Hispanics to black people all across the board said Dallasite Cami Dean.


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