LEWIS: The Two Americas

By Mark Lewis
It is increasingly obvious, and we've known it for a long time, that America has become divided.  It is split between Right and Left, between those who hold on to traditional American values based upon Judeo-Christianity, the Declaration of Independence, and our Constitution, and those who have fallen for the Marxist, socialist, atheistic, materialistic lie that has produced a globalist, licentious ungodliness embodied in the Democratic Party.  And there is no middle ground. Inaction or vacillation means supporting evil.  You either fight evil or you condone it and lose to it.  

The Left is trying to change America.  They're attempting to transform the country from what it was for 200+ years.  And they will not give up until they succeed or are crushed.  Patriotic Americans are striving to stop them.

Of course, Democrats say, “Oh, we love America too!”  But what they love is the America they want to create, a new America.  They hate traditional America.  They hate the free America envisioned by our Founding Fathers.  They hate the America of Judeo-Christian morality.  They want to change the country into the utopian vision of their “progressive,” totalitarian, Marxist dreams, which is forced DEI, socialism, and a decadent, perverse sexuality that will produce societal chaos that requires Leftist government dominance.  That is their vision for America.  And you and I are not going to accept it.  We will fight it to our last breaths.  Two Americas.

Leftists, I will NEVER support abortion.  I will NEVER support same-sex marriage.  I will NEVER support transgenderism. I will NEVER support the mutilation of children.  I will NEVER support the invasion of America by illegal aliens.  I will NEVER support those things.  NEVER!   They are impossible for me to condone because they are either evil, opposed to the Christianity I believe in, or they will destroy the values that made America the greatest country in history.

But the Left does believe in those things.  Leftism, atheism, is their religion, and we aren’t going to convert them.  And they're not going to convert me.  They will never convince me that transgenderism, abortion, child mutilation for sexual perverts, etc., are acceptable to God.  But their “god” tells them to never listen to ours.  Hence, irreconcilable division.  Two Americas.

Joe Biden will never change.  He doesn't care one whit about Linken Riley—or you.  That one of his illegal aliens murdered an American is only of concern to him if it costs him power.  Because, to Biden, that’s what this game is all about—the power and agenda of the Democratic Party. 

These illegals have killed others and committed rapes and thefts, etc.—indeed, every illegal alien is a criminal because they are in the country illegally.  That's a crime.  But Biden doesn't care.  Linken Riley.  He apologized to the illegal murderer for calling him “illegal,” but took no responsibility for the death of that beautiful, young American girl, for robbing a family of their irreplaceable treasure.  Blood—a lot of it—is on your hands, Joe Biden.

Why are Biden and the Democrats so unbelievably calloused about Linken Riley?

More than anything else, Biden believes in his wisdom and the power and program of the Democratic Party.  That is more valuable to him than the life and welfare of any, or all, Americans.  The Democratic Party’s anti-American, globalist, godless, licentious agenda is more essential to them than the death of Americans because that agenda is where they obtain their power.  And power is Leftists’ raison d’etre, their only reason for existence.  Examples:

Vladimir Lenin.  Joseph Stalin.  Mao Zedong.  Xi Jinping.   Lenin and Stalin were utterly unconcerned about how many millions of people they killed as long as they could remain in power.  Mao Zedong didn’t care about the millions of Chinese he murdered as long as he could stay in power.  Xi Jinping couldn’t care less how many organs he rips out of people, how many Uyghurs he “re-educates,” and how many viruses he spreads around the world; he doesn't care how many people die as long as he has power.

And that is Joe Biden and the Democrat Party.  Leftist ideology.  The death and suffering of Americans is utterly irrelevant if they have power.  Power is their god.  The evil, atheistic Leftism that is the Democratic Party in America today.  

The Left has been distributing massive death to mankind for over 100 years now.  And they do it for one reason—to conquer and oppress.

Biden isn’t troubled that Linken Riley is dead.  She is just a sacrifice that had to be made for his utopian, globalist vision, a victim of his determination to destroy the old America and establish the one he and Leftists crave.  If babies must be aborted—meh.  If political opponents must be imprisoned—it’s all for the cause.  If hard-working taxpayers must house illegal criminals—then suffer.

The Leftists are trying to give us Utopia—for our own good, of course.  

I will oppose that with every ounce of my being as long as the good Lord gives me breath.  But that's why I say there are two Americas now.   They aren’t going to change, and they aren’t going to change me.  

Can we live together?  I don't know.  If Trump wins the election this year, the Left will go berserk.  If Biden/Democrat wins, well, patriotic, God-fearing Americans won’t be happy, either.  And if the Left continues to try to ram their godless, anti-American agenda down my throat...

I do know the only answer, but I won’t say it yet.  My current aim is the election of the pro-American Trump.  But the “other” America doesn’t want a “pro-American” President.

I do pray that this division will end.  And I truly hope we can solve it peacefully.

I’m sorry...  I wish I could be optimistic.  But how can one be optimistic when half the country doesn’t even know what evil is anymore – and consistently votes for it?

Mark Lewis is a native Texan currently living in Thailand. He has Master's degree in history, and has taught history and English in America, South Korea & China.