HUNTER: These Democrats Deserve Your Contempt – All of Them, Every Single One of Them

By Derek Hunter

You shouldn’t write angry, but deadlines don’t wait for calm…

Every single one of them, all of them, every leftist out there…right now, I absolutely despise them all. I’m not proud of it, but it is what it is. Were I a better person, maybe I could tone it down to extreme dislike, but I’m not a better person tonight. While there’s never a good week with leftists in charge, this week has been particularly bad and I wish them all ill.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo made it to the weekend and will likely go nowhere, ultimately. Republicans will continue to attack him, which will eventually cause leftists to rally around him. Noted racist and homophobe Joy Reid came to Cuomo’s defense because she’s a bad person. 

Within 30 seconds of talking about the scandal, Reid managed to make it about Donald Trump because she’s an intellectual lightweight and obedient dog to the liberal establishment. Were she not, she wouldn’t have a job. Her past anti-gay writings and lies about them being the result of a hack would’ve destroyed most people, but she’s quick to cry racism and that scares MSNBC. Half their programming is calling everyone else a racist, their audience is conditioned to believe the charge. The rest of the country, thanks to this business model, now tune it out, it having been sapped of all its power. It’s why the left started using “white supremacy” more often. It’s just as dumb, just as meaningless and empty, but the people they’ve made numb to “racist” haven’t adjusted their cynicism yet.

Another annoyance is the blatant violation of his oath of office by our senile, hair-sniffing, kid-rubbing puppet of a President. After repeatedly admitting he didn’t have the authority to extend the eviction moratorium, he did it anyway. Because why not? Even Ginger Goebbels herself, press secretary Jen Psaki, had difficulty justifying this one. 

Joe Biden broke his oath and should be impeached. Of course, he should be arrested for what he’s doing on the border – importing COVID infected illegals and distributing what is probably the Delta variant (and whatever comes next) to “Red” states. (Wouldn’t you love to see a record of where these illegals are being dumped by the feds compared to where the “COVID surges” are happening? The Obama administration dumped illegal aliens in Republican controlled areas in the hope of changing the voting patterns in the future, why wouldn’t the Biden administration do the same for advantage over Republican Governors who might challenge him in 2024? 

Democrats are the type of people who would risk the lives of others for their political agenda, just look at what they’ve done to police across the country.

Congresswoman Cori Bush, from Murder City, er, St. Louis, Missouri, is a huge proponent of defunding police, and I’m not just talking about physically. This racist pile of human excrement demonstrates not only just how tall and wide that waste can be packed, but how deep inside it can go as well. She’s spent more than $70,000 on her own personal security while demanding her constituents go without police. In a rant on the subject, Bush made the case that she’s more important than other people, and weirdly that many attempts have already been made on her life. 

“I’m gonna make sure that I have security because I know I have had attempts on my life,” Bush belched to CBS. I could find no record of any attempts on her life, which I would assume would make news. Democrat media had moved on from the attempted murder of Republicans by a loyal Democrat before Congressman Steve Scalise was off life support because it made their side look bad, but if Bush, a black woman, had been the subject of an attempt on her life, they’d talk about it at least as much as they whine about January 6th. 

Bush is an awful person who likely faked “racist threats” against her, because that’s how leftists roll. The evidence is pretty clear, screen captures of oddly formatted messages that don’t look anything like what exists in the real world look like things she typed out and took pictures of, not to mention the curious unsubmitted form – how would anyone but the author get that view? Seems impossible. Somehow, Cori Bush managed the impossible. 

These people, along with every one of their fellow Democrats, are horrible hypocrites, and that’s without even mentioning Barack Obama’s 700-person lovefest for himself – the super-spreader on Martha’s Vineyard – deserve your scorn, your disdain. It doesn’t make me happy to say, and honestly I’ve toned it down (the language in my head has more 4-letter words in it, which I unleash weekly here) and cut out for space people like Pelosi, Schumer, Matt Damon, Chris Cuomo, Brian “the weeble” Stelter, and about a thousand more. 

Getting this stuff out feels better, but does nothing to alleviate the contempt. It might even make it deeper, and certainly more sincere. 

Derek Hunter is the host of a free daily podcast (subscribe!), host of a daily radio show on WCBM in Maryland, and author of the book, Outrage, INC., which exposes how liberals use fear and hatred to manipulate the masses. Follow him on Twitter at @DerekAHunter
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