TRUMP: President Obama separated the children. Those cages that were shown... they were built by President Obamas Administration.

Texas Insider Report: WASHINGTON D.C. Just so you understand President Obama separated the children. Those cages that were shown I think they were very inappropriate. They were built by President Obamas Administration not by Trump.

President Obama had child separation... The press knows it you know it we all know it. Im the one that stopped it. President Obama had child separation Trump said.

Trump also noted the effectiveness of the policy in terms of preventing illegal immigration.

Now Ill tell you something once you dont have it (border security and processing) thats why you see many more people coming. Theyre coming like its a picnic like lets go to Disneyland.

President Obama separated children. They had child separation. I was the one that changed it. I wish the press would accurately report it but of course they wont Trump said.

Upon Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsens announcement of resignation Monday media figures like CNNs Jeffrey Toobin suggested that Nielsen would be remembered as the woman who put children in cages.

Trump upended that narrative during a press gaggle at the White House on Tuesday morning reminding reporters that it was his predecessor who introduced the policy.

President Trump said he was not looking to restart the process of separating illegal immigrant families at the border.

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