Trump to Visit ‘Decimated’ U.S.-Mexico Border on June 30th, Tour Border Wall with Gov. Abbott

"Its NOT the Red Carpet the Federal Administration rolls out for them. They're going to jail in the State of Texas."

AUSTIN, Texas (Texas Insider Report) — “My visit will hopefully shine a spotlight on the crimes against our Nation — and show the incredible people of ICE and Border Patrol that they have our unshakeable support. It’s an unmitigated disaster zone,” said former President Donald Trump, announcing he will visit the U.S.-Mexico Border on Wednesday, June 30th after accepting the invitation to tour Texas’ southern border with Gov. Greg Abbott.

Saying the Biden Administration had deliberately undermined border security and turned the entire country into “one giant sanctuary city,” Mr. Trump said Tuesday afternoon that he had “accepted the invitation of Texas Governor Greg Abbott to join him on an official visit to our Nation’s decimated Southern Border.”
“The Biden Administration inherited from me the strongest, safest, and most secure border in U.S history –and in mere weeks they turned it into the single worst border crisis in U.S history.

"It’s an unmitigated disaster zone,” Trump said.

Late last week, while hosting a Border Security Summit in Del Rio, Texas, Gov. Abbott announced a new, comprehensive border security plan to crack down on illegal border crossings in Texas.

“The Texas Dept. of Public Safety will work with Local Officials to arrest anyone who enters our state illegally and is found to be Trespassing, Engaged in Vandalism, Criminal Mischief or Smuggling… We don’t want to just arrest somebody only to have them released, we want to arrest somebody to have them prosecuted, to be put in jail, to stay in jail.

"We want to create an environment where people will choose that they don't want to come across the Border into the State of Texas anymore because its not what they were expecting," said the governor during the Border Security Summit in Del Rio.

"Its NOT the Red Carpet that the Federal Administration rolls out for them. They are going to jail in the State of Texas, and the ability to arrest will be enhanced by the building of Border Barriers,” ​​​​​​said Abbott during the summit.

“While securing the border is the federal government’s responsibility, Texas will not sit idly by as this crisis grows," Abbott said.

Abbott's Border Security Summit brought together Texas Sheriffs, Police Chiefs, County Judges, Mayors, District Attorneys, and landowners to hear from state officials on the actions that the State of Texas is taking to secure the southern border and address the ongoing humanitarian crisis.
During the summit, Abbott announced he was signing a series of new Gubernatorial Actions to make clear that individuals who enter Texas illegally will be subject to arrest and confinement for trespassing.

The orders, said Abbott, would build upon his previous Disaster Declarations that directed the Texas Department of Public Safety to enforce all Federal & State Criminal Laws for criminal trespassing, illegal entry, smuggling, and human trafficking.

Former President Trump cited President Biden's and Vice President Kamala Harris's “grave and willful dereliction of duty” in having refused to visit the border, instead concentrating their administration's efforts on nation-building in Central America.

In some of his first actions after taking office in January, President Biden halted all border wall construction, ordered a review of the Trump Administration’s successful “Remain in Mexico” policy that required asylum seekers to wait in Mexico until their hearings in U.S. Immigration Courts, and implemented a series of additional measures for federal government agencies to follow in order to reverse Trump's previous immigration policies.
“If this weren’t bad enough, Biden and Harris won’t even tour the scenes of the wreckage they created, or come down and visit with the Border Patrol and ICE heroes risking their lives to defend our Nation at a time when the White House is doing everything it can to make their job totally impossible,” he said.

As a result, Gov. Abbott announced last Thursday that Texas would build its own border wall to stem the flow of migrants from Mexico.

During the past few months, Abbott has frequently and sharply criticized Biden for his immigration policy' simpacts on Texas, calling the massive number of illegal border crossings a crisis while accusing Biden of “helping the cartels make more money.”

​​​​​​​Abbott also said last week that the state would work to increase it own local jail capacity along the border, and increase arrests by having state troopers arrest migrants on state charges.

At the end of May, Gov. Abbott responded by deploying more than 1,000 Texas Department of Public Safety troopers and National Guard members to the border as part of Operation Lone Star, an initiative aimed at increasing border security that he announced in March.

The Texas governor has scheduled a press conference for 3:00 p.m. this afternoon, where he said he’ll provide more details about the plan.