Voters Side With Trump: 54 of Likely Voters Say Illegal Parents Responsible for Border Crisis

The Left is Overplaying its Hand; 54 like Trumps pledge to prevent U.S. from becoming A Migrant Camp width=443Texas Insider Report: WASHINGTON D.C.  In spite of the medias hysterical coverage most Likely U.S. Voters blame the parents of the separated children at the border for the latest Illegal Immigration Crisis not the federal government according to two separate polls by Rasmussen Reports & The Economist. When families are arrested and separated after attempting to enter the United States illegally:
  • 54 of Likely U.S. Voters say the parents are more to blame for breaking the law finds the latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey.
  • Only 35 believe the federal government is more to blame for enforcing the law.
  • 11 are not sure.
  • (To see survey question wording click here.)
To help understand the current political debate over the children issue a closer look shows that 82 of Republicans and 56 of voters not affiliated with either major political party feel the parents are more to blame for breaking the law.
  • But 60 of Democrats say the government is more to blame for enforcing the law.
The Left is Overplaying its Han; Voters Side With Trump Two recent polls show that the public sides with President Trump when it comes to illegal immigration. For example an Economist poll found that:
  • 58 of voters say illegal immigration is a serious problem.
  • When asked how illegal immigrant families should be managed at the border only 19 of voters supported the lefts catch and release policy while 64 supported some form of detention.
width=226A Rasmussen poll finds that 54 of voters say the illegal immigrant parents are responsible for creating this crisis at the border while only 35 of voters blame the federal government for enforcing the law. The poll also found that 54 of voters liked President Trumps pledge to prevent the United States from becoming a migrant camp or a refugee-holding facility.  Only 30 opposed his statement. By the way did you see that viral image of the little crying girl who became the face of the resistance this week?  Well its fake news She was never separated from her mother. Something to Think About Weve just endured several days of the left screaming about the immorality of separating families.  But liberal politicians are doing everything they can to prevent religious groups from providing adoption and foster care services. The lefts hypocrisy and religious bigotry are disgusting! Left-Wing Hate Earlier this week I wrote about how unhinged the left had become and warned that its rhetoric would lead to violence.  Well that wasnt hyperbole.
  1. A Planned Parenthood volunteer is under arrest for threatening to kill the children of Rep. Brian Mast (R-FL).
  2. A manhunt is underway for Shawn Cristy of Pennsylvania who threatened to put a bullet in Trumps head.  He threatened Sarah Palin in 2010.
  3. Occupy Wall Street tweeted out a post this week encouraging illegal immigrants to murder ICE agents by cutting their hearts out.  (Not joking.)
Its going to be hard for Kathy Griffin or Peter Fonda to top that. Many suspect it will be tried.
  • width=265Forty-four percent (44) of voters said in April that Trump is doing a good or excellent job handling issues related to immigration. This is higher approval than President Obama earned on this issue at any point during his time in office.
Just over half (52) of all voters favor the Immigration Reform Plan detailed by Trump in his State of the Union speech to create a pathway to citizenship for those brought to this country illegally when they were children to build a wall on the Mexican border and change legal immigration to a more merit-based system. The Rasmussen Reports Survey of 1000 Likely Voters was conducted on June 19-20 2018. The margin of sampling error is /- 3 percentage points with a 95 level of confidence. Field work for all Rasmussen Reports surveys is conducted by Pulse Opinion Research LLC. See methodology.
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