SCHLICHTER: We're Sitting Ducks – And Our Current (Democrat) Leaders Do Not Care

It’s scary and unpleasant, but based on our Democrat elite’s legacy of failure the last few decades, Americans should sit up and pay attention.
By Kurt Schlichter
I typically write my Townhall columns a couple of days ahead of time, and I hope that events don’t overcome this one. Why am I worried? Because what I’m writing about now is the deadly threat that our incompetent elite – led by that senile, corrupt, dust puppet masquerading as our president – have allowed to fester in our country.

Last Thursday, I wrote about how the left literally wants to see you raped and murdered. Well, the left has also left the door open for the murderers. Now, half the Third World is waltzing across our southern border, and how do you think this is going to end? Think it ends well? Does it seem like a really smart idea? Of course not, which is why they are doing it.

Though around the world sociopaths stabbed some folks, the Day of Jihad fizzled in America – how many bummed patriots slammed in a mag hoping some mutant was going to choose his small town to prove Jason Aldean right? But it is only a matter of time. When you allow millions of military-aged males to come unvetted into your country, including many from bizarre hellholes where hatred for Americana is more common than food and indoor plumbing, there is a non-zero chance that some of them are part of sleeper cells waiting for the signal to murder Americans here at home.

Oh, now I’m just a pundit, albeit one who actually has a little experience doing things, and it is not beyond the realm of pundit possibility that a commentator may exaggerate for effect. So ignore what I say. Ignore this heartfelt warning that our country is vulnerable to a massive insider threat made up of illegal aliens who have walked across the open border and can, at the time of their own choosing, decide to slaughter mass numbers of Americans. Put aside that it has happened before, from 9/11 to San Bernardino to the Pulse nightclub, and for all we know, in Las Vegas, because the FBI is too busy arresting scary grandmas for praying outside abortion clinics to figure out what the hell happened there.

I had the opportunity to ask probably the most respected senior White House official of the Trump Administration, National Security Advisor Robert O’Brien, whether he thinks there’s a threat. Well, I’ll let him speak for himself:
"The border is open. Thousands of military-age males from adversary nations enter the United States without women or children every day. Suppose only one-tenth of one percent of the millions of people who have crossed into America illegally over the past three years have malign intentions against our country. In that case, we have a serious national security problem."

When serious guys like Ambassador O’Brien are worried, maybe people should pay attention. Just look at those facts and decide for yourself.

It’s scary and unpleasant. Based on our elite’s legacy of failure over the last few decades, it takes a lot of dead Americans for people to sit up and pay attention.

Our elite actually supports our enemies. You have an organization, Black Lives Matter, that actively celebrates the murder of innocents and that has received millions upon millions of dollars from mainstream corporations. On our allegedly most prestigious universities’ campuses, you have a bunch of sophomore psychopaths cheering on the rape and murder of innocent people, all in the name of “decolonization.” 

Meanwhile, the regime media and the Democrat Party are doing everything they can to neuter our ability to respond. 

Our ruling class decided they would take the risk. After all, if you’re going to make an omelet, you have to break a few eggs. Except you and your family are the eggs. When jihad cretins go on a killing spree, they’re not going to attack college campuses. They’re going to attack where normal, patriotic people are. They’re going to attack churches, ball games, shopping malls, movie theaters, and other places where you and your kids are. 

Why? Because they want to murder you. Actually, your death is a fringe benefit. They believe there’s political gain to doing it. If they spill enough American blood, maybe we will withdraw from the world. Maybe we will roll up into a fetal position and allow them to run rampant across the rest of the globe until, after their jihad has put the rest of the world under the black flag, they can finally concentrate their forces upon us and purge us from the face of the Earth.

I know you want to call me crazy. Next, I am probably going to tell you that a bunch of Arabs allowed into our country might band together, hijack four planes, and fly them into major buildings, killing thousands. How nutty is that?

Luckily, we have our crack law enforcement and intelligence communities on the case. I might feel a little more confident if the targets the FBI has been focusing on – people taking selfies in the rotunda, folks criticizing their school boards, people going to mass – were the actual threat. And, of course, our intelligence community saw 9/11 coming, got Iraq right about the WMDs, and warned Israel about what would happen in Gaza a couple of weeks ago. Oh, right, none of that is a thing. If you’re putting your personal safety in the hands of this coterie of clowns, all I can say is that you ought to go get yourself some good-term life insurance.

As always, your security is your problem, but luckily, the Second Amendment provides a solution. You need to buy guns and ammunition. I know I sound like a broken record, which is another reference that no one under 30 is going to get. When all hell breaks loose, you can expect communications to be down, you can expect chaos to rain, and if you think your local gendarmes are going to roll up in their back and white cruiser to solve your problem, you have got another thing coming.

You need to do it yourself because there’s no one else who’s going to be able to do it for you. Not the cops. Not the army. Not Spider-Man. I was there in the Los Angeles riots when civilization literally collapsed in a matter of hours. You don’t think it can happen? Buddy, that is the natural state of man, not this beautiful illusion that we live with here in America. 

You have got to step up, especially now that the people you trusted to protect you have utterly failed and invited in the jihadi hordes.

Maybe I’m wrong. I hope I’m wrong. I would love to hear nothing but “Kurt, I told you so.” But that doesn’t change the reality. The risk is real, and your family’s life is your responsibility. Don’t be one of those terrified people in the next set of terrorist selfies with no way to fight back. Channel the warrior heritage that belongs to every American.

Just because you’ve heard it before doesn’t make it any less true. Buy guns and ammunition.

Be ready to fight. You might die anyway, but at least you’ll die like a man.

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