When Murder Is Easy

By Katie Kieffer

Blood spilled first is more stunning than blood spilled second. Today abortion is the primary type of murder that no longer shocks Americans. Why? Because we have - collectively -committed murder so frequently. Women accept and even laud abortion while men and religious figures have turned their heads.

We all need to recover a healthy dose of shock when an American doctor kills a sweet baby girl or boy with a fully developed heart brain and soulfor profit.

No one has benefited more from our thriving economy than women who have filled 58 of the newly-created jobs last year!" 

In giddy elation Democratic congresswomen wearing white jackets leapt to their feet fist-pumped the air and cheered in unison after President Trump described the current economic boon for their gender.

On Tuesday night that is. By Wednesday morning liberals were quick to correct the record" and claimas The Associated Press did: The increase of females in the workplace is due to population growth and not something Trump can credit to any of his policies."

Such broken logic.

Trumps policiesand those of prolife politicians before himthat protect life absolutely are responsible for more women in the workplace if the surge is due to population growth." On the other hand Democrats are pushing policies that have and will continue to reduce the number of women and men in our population.

Two in five pregnancies end by abortion in New York City alone. And Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo increased the odds that more pregnancies will be terminated in New York City by signing the Reproductive Health Act" which will allow abortion at birth including by certain non-doctor medical employees.

 Dont stand between a woman and her doctor!" Democrats told us for years. They just did.

Blood-red colored coats would indeed have been more appropriate apparel for the congresswomen claiming false credit for empowering women to thrive in America.

Mothers Against Life

Our pro-life President is hounded by mothers and even bishops for his efforts to prioritize the health of pregnant women and innocent babies over unvetted immigrants many with proven criminal records.

Hollywood star Ashton Kutcher recently stood up for life. Whereas clergy (think Bishop Roger Foys who has since apologized) loudly chastised young men for supporting President Trump at a pro-life rally. And mother-of-four Rep. Kathy Tran introduced legislation in Virginia to sanction abortion at full term and during birth. (Perhaps her reasoning is that if a baby cannot cry Me too!" it is not a victim.)

Mothers and grandmothers who hold blatantly anti-life views (except apparently regarding their own families) are announcing 2020 presidential runs:

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY): mother of two

Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA): step-mother of two

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA): mother of two grandmother of three

And pro-abortion House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) recently boasted more maturity than President Trump because: Im a mother of five grandmother of nine." (Using her logic Trumpwho himself has exactly five children and nine grandchildrenis very mature indeed. But no one ever accused Pelosi of using logic.)

When people ask me oh isnt it exciting to be on the floor of the House and to be a member of Congress? I say Its wonderful but its nothing like having a newborn baby" Pelosi recently told TIME. My greatest accomplishment is my family."

If only Pelosi empowered other womenalive and unbornto feel the same joy and accomplishment.

No Nurturers Without Protectors

Women are natural nurturers and social role models. Women ought to be last in any society to clamor for death. We have wombs; men have testosterone. But in America women are loudest in their support for publicly-subsidized abortion and birth prevention. Because women have been telling each other for decades that abortion is not murder but choice."  

Men for their part are natural protectors and political leaders in a society. Women are often stronger than men emotionally but men are better-suited to succeed at conquests. Fear and laziness however have compelled men to hand women the reigns of every aspect of American cultureincluding the role of selfless protector.

Men are wired to lead; to protect and provideespecially for the vulnerable. Unfortunately mired by fear and selfishness many men have left this job to womenand many women in pride and stubbornnessthink they want this job to rest entirely on their shoulders.

Men are not leading and women have taken on too much and consequently our society is completely falling apart. To the extent that men of the cloth are telling parishioners: God would rather that you encourage unvetted immigrants to violate our nations laws than to prevent fully-developed babies from being stabbed in the scull with a scissors.

Ironically Instagram-surfing Millennialswho love photos of cute smiling pregnant women in tight tops caressing baby bumpswill never see photos portraying the anti-baby views of female presidential hopefuls because Instagram (owned by Facebook) will consider such facts fake news."

The First Murder

The reason Agatha Christie is one of the best-selling novelists of all-time is because she understood human nature. Once someone commits his or her first murder in Christies mysteries its very likely that he or she will commit a second murder.

This is the biggest lesson from Christie. That we are all broken individualsand after we allow our will to submit to the most horrific of evils it will not be difficult to commit a second murder.

The first abortion that an abortion doctor commits is the most difficult one. After the professional who is trained to be a healer has convinced himself that he is Godand has seen how very simple and socially acceptable murder really isevery successive abortion is easier.

As a culture we are absolutely numb to bloodshed. And this is why we have lulled ourselves into thinking that immigration is a life issue" and a president who stands up for life from conception is an orange-haired impeachable clown. Whereas a snobbish bishop like Foys who welcomes illegal immigrantsincluding some unvetted violent criminalsis a social justice warrior deserving of the Nobel Peace Prize.

Look at any military cemetery. Row after row of identical white tombstones. Then imagine combining all the military cemeteries from all U.S. wars. That image would roughly represent the number of babies who die to abortion every year.

Our children are gifts from God not commodities. Children are also the visible reflection of love the gift of self - between a man and a woman. What abortion really does is help us lie to ourselves about the value of life and of love.

Fortunately today is a new day. Be brave. Speak the truth about life. As Edmond Burke warned: The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."

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