Why Black Americans Spoke Up for Trump on MLK Day

King: Its time for African Americans all Americans to take a look at the promises made by Donald Trump and the promises kept.

By Stephen Strang


WASHINGTON D.C. (Texas Insider Report) Monday we celebrated the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. I recently spoke to his niece evangelist Alveda King who not only is executive director of Civil Rights for the Unborn but is also founder of Alveda King Ministries

Its very exciting that blacks in American communities are really listening to the promises made and promises kept by President Donald John Trump she says.

Now African Americans are in every group. However people were thinking that African Americans only go with a liberal platform. Thats the way African Americans vote. But certainly thats not true.

On my podcast we discussed issues the black community faces today and how Donald Trump is responding to them.

Lately events organized by African Americans have been springing up all over the nation with the goal of garnering support for Trump in the black community. Alveda serves as a spiritual adviser to one of them Black Voices for Trump as well as to several other organizations including Women for Trump Evangelicals for Trump and Pro-Lifers for Trump.

Alveda says this group of African Americans for Trump will be speaking out on Martin Luther King Jr. Day bringing up real-life issues such as employment criminal justice reform and more.

And I think this is also happening in the black evangelical community. I recently told Steve Doocy on Fox & Friends that I believe the percentage of evangelicals is going up. After all Bible-believing church-going Americans tend to agree on those big issues particularly those involving life and traditional family.


And Alveda seems to agree.

There is a shift in the various communities of America thats coming from the religious communities... and the economic communities and the ethnic communities and we know that in the African American community and the Latino community more and more people are listening she says.

But you may not see this shift at first glance. Alveda says this is because many are afraid to even admit theyre voting for Trump.

You can see that shift she says. I have had so many people come up to me and quietly say Dont tell anybody but Im voting for Trump. And the reason that many in the black community dont want to publicly say that they are is because the backlash is so fierce. People begin to be ostracized and blasted on social media and other outlets. So people are very quiet.

Alvedas heart is that Gods people no matter their skin color would unite in His purposes.

Different ethnic communities on the planet are coming together with an understanding that we really need to vote for our principles and our values that align with the Word and will of God she says.

I appreciate that she emphasizes the term ethnic communities instead of races. As she always points out human beings across the planet are all one human race. Every persons lineage traces back to Adam. We are not different races but rather come from different ethnicities.

And with that mindset we can all unite for the things that truly matter in the country the things God Himself cares about.

And that number is mounting every day. As a matter of fact as we are speaking within this current season here in the month of January... we know that with Trump making the most for religious freedom and bringing prayer back into schools... we see the tide turning and things are beginning to shift for good Alveda says.

Be sure to listen to my full interview with Alveda and share this article in honor of Martin Luther King Jr.s legacy.


Steve Strang founder of Charisma Magazine is an award-winning journalist entrepreneur businessman & author. He is founder and CEO of Charisma Media which also publishes the Spanish magazine Vida Cristiana. 

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