With Democrat Field Unsettled Steyer Enters Presidential Race Vowing to Shake Things Up

Pledge to spend $100 million exceeds 2nd-Quarter totals of Biden Bernie Warren Kamala Harris Elizabeth Warren & Pete Buttigieg combined

WASHINGTON D.C. (Texas Insider Report) Look at the top four Democrat candidates. They have between them 70 years in Congress. Thats the definition of insider. I am not an insider said Tom Steyer officially announcing he was joining the already crowded list of Democrats running for president in 2020. Hes entering the race with a pledge to focus on climate change and reform the political system yet interestingly nary a mainstream media outlet ran any coverage of his announcement last Tuesday.

width=372Steyers jumping into the race at just the right time when the Democrat field remains unsettled.

While former Vice President Joe Biden has consistently led in polls his lead eroded significantly after a lackluster performance last months debate.

Other candidates who initially struggled to gain traction or overcome a deficit in name ID have almost muscled their way into the top tier.

Steyers announcement came one day after the first prominent dropout from the Democrat presidential contest.

California Cong. Eric Swalwell who appeared at the first Democrat debate said early last week that because of low polling and fundraising numbers he will instead run for re-election to the U.S. House of Representatives.

In the coming weeks Steyer will travel to campaign kickoff events in Iowa New Hampshire South Carolina Ohio and California his campaign said.

They need someone who can position themselves as an outsider Steyer says.

And he launches his campaign with an infrastructure thatd make many candidates whove been in the race for months envious.

The advocacy groups he has funded NextGen America and Need to Impeach have been building their email lists and recruiting activists in battleground states for months.

Steyer has funneled millions of dollars to various groups while pushing for the impeachment of President Donald Trump which he said has been a success with millions enlisting in the effort.

width=349If we are going to change it will be a different way. It must be from the grassroots said Steyer before adding that Democrats need his vision and a track record of mobilizing for change.

Democrats in Washington D.C. meanwhile concerned about the political fallout have resisted holding impeachment hearings which Steyer says is a mistake and factored into his launch of a White House bid.

Insiders in Washington mocked the effort said Steyer.

But weve won the argument that corruption in the White House rises to the level where impeachment proceedings are warranted he said.

If we can reduce the influence of corporate money in our democracy and start to address the devastating impacts of climate change we can unlock the full potential of the American people and finally solve the many challenges facing our country" Steyer said in an announcement video.

The 62-year-old California hedge fund billionaire has promised to spend $100 million on this endeavor a figure that exceeds the total 2nd-quarter fundraising haul of the 2020 Democratic contenders Joe Biden Pete Buttigieg Kamala Harris Warren and Sanders combined.

And its about half as much as Hillary Clinton spent on her entire 2016 primary campaign.

I think people believe that corporations have bought the democracy that the politicians dont care about or respect them. They dont put them first they dont respect them or are actually working for the people whove rigged the system said Steyer.

Really what were trying to do is make democracy work by pushing power down to the people Steyer said.


Tim Murtaugh communications director for President Donald Trumps 2020 campaign said in a statement

It doesnt say much for the Democrat field that the #1 Democrat donor (which many say Steyer is) took a look around and decided that theres no one he can support."

Said Republican National Committee spokesman Steve Guest:

Left-wing extremist Tom Steyer has finally formalized his self-promotion tour under the guise of a presidential campaign. The only thing Steyers campaign will do is light more of his money on fire as he joins the rest of the 2020 Democrat field in pushing policies that are way outside the mainstream.

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