With the Stroke of His Pen, Joe Biden is Inserting Socialism & Killing Free Enterprise

Killing the Keystone Pipeline: Hello Socialism, Goodbye 10' of 1,000s of high paying American jobs

WASHINGTON, D.C. (Texas Insider Report) —
 In signing over 40 Executive Orders last week, Joe Biden knocked American free enterprise off the rails and went full steam ahead on Democrat Socialism.

When Biden put pen to paper to unilaterally squash 1,000s of jobs tied to the Keystone Pipeline, he didn’t just kill individual American's job or severly curtail indivual state's economies – he also initiated some major advancements in implementing the far-Democrat-left's "socialist principles” agenda, D.C. analysts surmized.

The Keystone Pipeline's developers, privately and jointly financed by TC Energy, by the Calgary energy company TransCanada, and by various other oil transport companies and shippers, were working closely in partnership with several banks.

Biden's orders will have numerous, and likely untold such repercussions all across the U.S. economy.

When Biden pulled the pipeline's permit to build transportation lines across the U.S.-Canadian border and move oil and gas products down to the Texas Gulf Coast for refinement, he not only immediately killed up to 11,000 individual American jobs – 8,000 of which were likely union he also eliminated good paying, private sector jobs – he also eliminated those worker's ability to provide for their families, which would have given 1,000s of Americans long-term income absent dependence on government stimulus dollars, dole-outs, or entitlements.

And the untold numbers involved are staggering.

Wyoming Sen. John Barrasso noted some state-by-state numbers of American jobs that will be lost as a result of the president's flury of climate-inspired "Executive Actions" during the Senate Energy & Natural Resources Committee's confirmation hearing of Joe Biden's Energy Secretary nominee, former Michagan Gov. Jennifer Granholm (right,) last week:
"A long-term ban on Oil & Gas Leasing is going to cost about:
  • 62,000 jobs in New Mexico, about
  • 33,000 jobs in Wyoming, and
  • 18,000 jobs in Colorado.
"A 'long-term ban' is going to cut revenues in New Mexico & Wyoming by 100s of millions of dollars – which they use for K-12 Education and other essential services.

"So I'm just curious – how is a 'long-term ban' consistent with the president's goal of 'unifying our country' and 'putting Americans back to work,' or even helping our economy grow? How is all that all consistent?" asked Barrasso.

Why did – or would Biden do such things?

President Biden is paying “homage to his radical environmental supporters who’ve fought the pipeline development for years, and not only canceled the project’s permits but elevated /climate change/ to a national security level,” noted Washington Times columnist Cheryl K. Chumley on Jan. 30th.
“His next step is to realize legislation that – in his own campaign words – ‘puts us on an irreversible path to achieve economy-wide net-zero emissions no later than 2050,’” said Chumley.

In the process, Biden’s team said “goodbye private development projects, hello government takeover of yet another huge economic sector” of the U.S. economy, Chumley noted.

“Hello redistribution of tax dollars to government’s chosen winners, and simultaneous financial punishment of government’s chosen losers – the deemed evil ‘polluters.'

“That’s socialism," Chumley said.

Further addressing various the flury of Executive Orders and Oil & Gas activity "moratoriums" on public lands, Louisiana Senator Bill Cassidy questioned Granholm if President Biden cared about the potential Energy Industry job losses – noting that when Transportation Secretary Nominee Pete Buttigieg testified earlier in the day at his confirmation hearing, Buttigieg said the promised new jobs may not arise for years.

Appearing before the Senate Commerce Committee, Buttigieg was asked questions about whether the Biden Administration's transportation initiatives to rebuild the nation's infrastructure had considered job loses that will result from the Biden's proposals.

A skilled politician, Buttigieg tried to assure senators that all of the nation's transportation systems – including its highways, railways, airports and waterways – would be operated safely during the CoronaVirus pandemic.

Hollow words for the nation's newly unemployed – and for America's "Free Enterprise" system.

All by the swhoosh of a now-President Joe Biden's pen.