WOOLLEY: 2024's Finally here & Authoritarian Joe Biden is Running Against... Authoritarianism

If you hate Authoritarianism, there is no possible way to rationalize a 2nd term for Joe Biden

By Lynn Woolley 

AUSTIN, Texas (Texas Insider Report) — 
With no accomplishments other than lowering the cost of insulin, Joe Biden’s campaign team had to search for a reason he should be reelected. That reason seems to be: “I’m a terrible president, but my opponent is worse.” A Biden aide calls it “going full Hitler” on Trump.

This will appeal to the “Our Democracy” crowd, but its not in line with the facts. From mask and vaccine mandates, to canceling the Keystone XL pipeline, to his war on fossil fuels, Biden is deciding how Americans can live. He’s making unilateral decisions about:
  • The Border
  • Light Bulbs
  • Automobiles
  • Kitchen Ranges
  • Dishwashers, and
  • Gas Furnaces
Worst of all, freedom-loving Joe wants to kick Donald Trump off the ballot.

In my lifetime, I can’t think of another president that wanted to control my life more than Biden.

When you look at the totality of the Biden disaster – I mean presidency – it’s all about finding ways to control the people. The old way to control us was through the IRS. 
The government’s ability to tax and spend gives it near total control of how we run our lives. Try running a business without confirming to government tax regulations and you’ll see what I mean. This is why the Democrats wanted another 87,000 IRS agents. 

The new way to control is through "Climate Change."

So many things that Biden does are designed to use Climate Change as a weapon against the people. That’s why he killed the pipeline. That’s why he’s engaged in an all-out war against fossil fuel. Maybe it will save the planet, but in the meantime, it gives the Democrat Party far too much power over our lives. 

And when his ignorant policies cause him political problem, he can always deplete the Strategic Oil Reserve to hold gas prices down, and he can go begging to our enemies to pump more oil. 
  Not even appearing to understand how electricity is generated, Biden is trying to force us into electric cars that liberals seem to want, but only the wealthy can afford. That’s why they’re subsidized – but Biden seems ignorant of what it takes to make lithium batteries. 

Along those same lines, it’s goodbye to your major kitchen appliances if Biden gets his way. 

Even the disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal has affected all our lives. Afghanistan is the Democrats’ January 6th. Biden caused the deaths of at least 13 American servicemen, the deaths of hundreds of Afghans, returned the country to terrorist control, and left behind billions of dollars’ worth of military equipment.
Vladimir Putin and Hamas were watching, and now Biden’s weakness has presented us with two wars – which have to be funded. The money, which we don’t have, must be printed and borrowed, and that brings us Biden’s inflation, known as "Bidenomics." (Along with Biden’s other massive spending such as the “Inflation Reduction Act” – LOL!)

From COVID mandates and the war on fossil fuels, from foreign policy to massive inflation and the open border, Biden has imposed his left-wing lunacy on all of us – and on the world.

Every one of his massive mistakes cause each of us pain.

The cause of freedom has been set back tremendously under authoritarian Joe. He’s going “full Hitler” on Trump because he has nothing else to run on. So why not mount a left-wing campaign to toss Trump off the ballot?

Why not, indeed? The most authoritarian thing any head-of-state can do is to see that his top opponent is not allowed to run. Not allowed to be there for the people who want to vote for him. Perhaps even sent to prison.

That sounds like Russia, China, Iran, Venezuela – but under authoritarian Joe, it’s happening right here in the United States of America. Get rid of your opponent by removing him as a choice – and meanwhile, work to imprison those who thought their government was being stolen from them on January 6th. Call it an “insurrection,” but essentially ignore an entire summer of insurrection conducted by Antifa and Black Lives Matter because they’re a part of the Democrat Party.
No president – not Joe Biden and not Donald Trump – has a right to radically alter my life and my style of living.

I’m sure if Trump returns to the Oval Office, he will do something I don’t like. But I don’t like anything Joe Biden has done.

And if you hate authoritarianism, there is no possible way to rationalize a second term for Joe Biden.

Lynn Woolley (at right, far right,) is a Texas-based author, songwriter, and Talk Radio Show co-host on Austin's Talk 1370am Cardle & Woolley Show. Known for being the "Secretary of Logic," you can order books direct from Lynn at https://PlanetLogicPress.Square.Site.