Worst Crisis In Border Patrol History says Border Patrol Union President

Texas Insider Report: WASHINGTON D.C. If you look at the numbers this year we already arrested 400000 people. That means 400000 people are claiming that they fear for their life. Thats not realistic. Thats just not happening" said National Border Patrol Council President Brandon Judd during a radio interview earlier this week.

This is the worst crisis we have ever faced in the history of the Border Patrol and were going back to 1924. In my 21 year career as a Border Patrol Agent Ive never seen it like this said Judd noting that U.S. Border Patrol Agents are facing the worst crisis" the agency has ever seen since its formation in 1924.

Its never been like this before. This is the worst its ever been and if we dont do something its going to continue to get worse

When asked about the 20000 migrants that Mexico warned are presently approaching the border Judd said there is not much Border Patrol can do.

We ultimately end up letting them go" Judd said on WMAL.

They cross the border illegally and then we give them what we call a notice to appear. We release them on their own recognizance and what that means is they promise us that they will return for all of their proceedings but we know that they never do...

They know this thats why the numbers are so large."​

Judd said he is in favor of President Trump closing the border a course of action the president warned he might pursue in a tweet on Saturday.​

Extraordinary circumstances require extraordinary measures" Judd said.

Now thats going to be a very drastic again extraordinary to close down the ports of entry but what he is doing is hes looking at hitting them where it counts the most and thats in the pocketbook.

Mani Albrecht/U.S. Customs and Border Protection

The Mexican economy relies upon those ports of entry to get their goods into the United States. Mexico is our third largest trading partner. So if those ports of entry shut down it shuts down their commerce it hits their economy and that then gets the outcry to the government to actually do something" said Judd.

Judd added that the Mexican government needs to start securing its own southern border.

They have extremely tough immigration laws yet people are tracing across their border like its nothing. Theyre working their way up to our border and they are crossing our border illegally." Judd added that he believes the Mexican government is complicit in the crimes that are being committed" because they are aiding and abetting because they are doing nothing to stop it."

Judd said he believes that in the long run closing the border will be very beneficial."

When asked why this crisis is happening now and not under the Obama administration Judd said that migrants are learning how to obtain asylum with the help of immigrant rights groups who give them all the coaching that they need."

They just found out that this is what works" Judd said.

Judd said that in March Border Patrol arrested around 100000 people.

In the month of March we arrested 100000 people" Judd said. If 100000 people all say that they have a fear for their life thats genocide in their own country.

Thats not happening. We all know thats not happening" Judd said.

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