Biden White House in 'Full-Blown Crisis' after 'Alarming, Re-Election-Threatening' New York Times Poll

“The world is falling apart under Biden. At least I think Trump has his wits about him.”

By Jack Davis

WASHINGTON, D.C. (Texas Insider Report) — Polls released over the weekend by The New York Times and Siena College showed that support for President Joe Biden is eroding quickly, which is prompting panic in the White House with the 2024 Presidential Election now less than a year away. The poll shows Biden losing to former President Donald Trump, the leading GOP candidate, in the crucial "swing states" of Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada and Pennsylvania – while winning by the narrowest of margins in the state of Wisconsin.

Biden won all six swing states in 2020, and The Times surveyed 3,662 "Registered Voters" by phone from Oct. 22nd through Friday.
The poll results show Biden has a “growing race problem,” according to Axios, which said fading support among black and Hispanic voters is “an alarming, re-election-threatening, full-blown crisis for the White House.”

Axios noted that in the Times survey, Biden’s support among non-white voters has fallen 33% from 2020 levels.

Meanwhile, Trump polled a collective 22% support among black voters, who are traditionally loyal to the Democratic Party. The Times called that “a level unseen in presidential politics for a Republican in modern times.”

Axios wrote that in a political environment where Hispanics often give Democrats a 30% margin over their rivals, Biden’s lead among Hispanics has fallen to single digits in each of the six swing states.

The outlet suggested pocketbook issues are driving the voters, citing Biden’s job-costing rejection of fossil fuels impacting Hispanic voters and soaring costs putting cars and homes out of reach as a driving force for many black voters.

Although polls a year out from an election are notoriously imprecise indicators of voter mood months down the road, Axios noted that the big-bucks bills passed while Democrats controlled Congress have not swayed voters, leaving the party “flummoxed” over what will successfully woo them.

The Times summed up its polling this way:
“Discontent pulsates throughout the Times/Siena poll, with a majority of voters saying Mr. Biden’s policies have personally hurt them.

"The survey also reveals the extent to which the multiracial and multigenerational coalition that elected Mr. Biden is fraying.

“In a remarkable sign of a gradual racial realignment between the two parties, the more diverse the swing state, the farther Mr. Biden was behind, and he led only in the whitest of the six,” the Times said.

It said voters want competence, noting that when asked if each had helped or hurt them, Trump won with a 17% advantage for having helped respondents, while Biden had an 18% deficit for hurting them.
“The world is falling apart under Biden,” said Spencer Weiss, 53, of Pennsylvania, who was a Biden supporter in 2020.

“I would much rather see somebody that I feel can be a positive role model leader for the country.

"At least I think Trump has his wits about him,” Weiss said.

The New York Times survey was conducted by phone from Oct. 22nd to Friday. The poll has a margin of error of plus or minus 1.8% for all registered voters, which grew to between 4.4% and 4.8% at the state level.
The same trends were evident in a recent ABC News/Ipsos Poll that showed only 23% of those responding said the nation was moving in the "right direction."

The survey found that 49% of black respondents, and 33% of Hispanic respondents, had a favorable view of Biden.

ABC said its 2020 exit polls found 87% of black voters, and 65% of Hispanic voters, supported Biden then.

The trend continued in CBS/YouGov Poll that showed 45% of Hispanic voters said Biden would make them worse off if re-elected.

Jack Davis is a freelance writer who has written extensively for The Western Journal since July 2015 on the Trump Administration, as well as Foreign Policy & Military Issues.